QR Code: How and when to use it for recruiting

QR Code: How and when to use it for recruiting

When we talk about QR Code, we immediately think of its use to display a restaurant menu or to make payment in a store, but its applications can go even further! In recruiting, the QR Code can also be used to quickly share a job ad and have a professional offer displayed in real time. The alternative would be to write down the link/url of the ad but this, since it cannot be framed and scanned, becomes very unusable.

So let’s discover in this article the possible applications of one of the latest innovations released by Inrecruiting, already available on the ATS, and all its advantages.

Recruiting talent with the QR Code

According to a study conducted by Glassdor, mobile devices are widely used among millennials and Generation Z to search for jobs: even, 52 percent of people aged 35-44 prefer them to using tablets and desktop devices.

The QR code can easily be counted among the tools supporting mobile recruiting and thus show real promise for recruiting talent. In concrete terms, it involves the use of a smartphone’s camera to scan a code, precisely, and quickly decode the information it holds.

Inrecruiting’s QR Code facilitates the sharing of job ads with candidates.

All the candidate has to do is scan the QR code with his or her smartphone to view the job ad and proceed directly to fill out the form and submit his or her application, without ever changing devices.

This system greatly simplifies the job application process from mobile devices, with the effect of reducing the candidate abandonment rate and improving the candidate experience.

How to use the QR Code in recruiting

There are many ways to use the QR Code, but how and when can it be used in the world of human resources? Here are some of its possible applications.

QR Code and career day: from scan to apply

Career days, recruiting days, job fairs, and other recruiting events in academia are definitely the perfect scenarios to make the most of the QR Code’s potential.


In what manner?

Whether they are printed on flyers and handouts or find a place on company-displayed rollups, highlighting the QR Code of job ads is a decision that benefits recruiters but also candidates. The reason is simple.

By giving space to job ads, the recruiter can intercept as many candidates as possible. The latter can view job openings immediately, even if they are unable to speak directly with recruiters. And this is good since it is not always possible to interact with everyone on these occasions, especially since only two or three people (recruiters, HR managers or others) are in attendance.

For their part, candidates can scan the QR Code of job ads and bide their time while waiting to interact with recruiters to learn more about the company. And with an approach that we might call from scan to apply, if they wish, they can send their applications directly, again from their smartphone.

In a context such as career days, the QR Code turns out to be a great way to attract qualified and really interested candidates: they, in fact, will not hesitate to approach to learn more about the open position and the company in general.

In addition, if you manage your search and selection process with an ATS such as Inrecruiting, you have the ability to find out how many applications the QR Code has generated as a recruiting channel, i.e., monitor how many candidates have actually completed and submitted an application to an ad after opening it with the QR Code.

If you are thinking of organizing your own HR event and are looking for a solution that allows you to manage it completely independently, also discover Inrecruiting’s Events module.

Job ads in the windows of headquarters and branches

Using the QR Code means being able to instantly share the content of the ad. That’s why displaying it on office bulletin boards can be advantageous.

In the case of Employment Agencies that have several branches and handle a lot of search and selection processes at the same time (on behalf of as many clients), showcasing the QR code of the vacancies available at the moment can be a good strategy to get in touch with passive candidates as well.

The QR code in commercial activities

“Waiter wanted.” How many times have you seen this ad?


The QR Code is also an opportunity for stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other smaller and smaller businesses. Instead of posting a sign at the entrance indicating that you are looking for waiters/waitresses, sales people, etc., you can print the QR Code of the ad.

One would think that simply writing the ad link on the notice (as well as on brochures or other materials in the case of HR events) would suffice, but instead of making it easier for candidates, this method complicates the application process. In fact, the candidate would have to “copy” the url or search for the announcement on the various channels used for dissemination (career pages, job boards, job sites and portals): activities that can increase the candidate’s frustration and push him or her away from the company.

With an ATS such as Inrecruiting, on the other hand, interested individuals will be able to directly and easily access the details of the job offer and proceed with the submission of their application in real time.

Other ways to use the QR code to do search and selection

The ones we just mentioned are just some of the ways you can use this type of code to share a job ad. But there are others as well…

The QR code also lends itself to use in the context of social recruiting, added within social media posts. Where you are trying to encapsulate all the useful information within the image of a post or text with limited characters (think Twitter, for example), showing the QR Code in the ad is the solution.

Or even use it within newsletters. The QR Code can be placed in a banner within an email intended for a candidate or cluster of potential candidates. Software like Inrecruiting provides recruiters with the opportunity to do this without ever leaving the ATS. With a system for creating and sending SMS and massive emails, it allows them to personalize a newsletter with distinctive elements and communications of their corporate identity for the benefit of Employer branding. By adding the ad ‘s QR Code, you will also be able to share it immediately with a target audience of potentially suitable candidates.

Why share job ads with the QR Code

This innovative recruiting tool helps improve social and mobile recruiting strategies put in place by recruiters. Among its many benefits:

  • simplifies the recruiting and talent acquisition process;
  • speeds up the selection process, cuts down the time it takes for the candidate to search and allows them to apply in just a few steps;
  • increases the circulation of job offers;
  • improves the quality of applications because it allows the job description and requirements of the ad to be consulted immediately;
  • improves the candidate experience by allowing you to view the ad and apply directly from the same device;
  • provides instant access to all the information included in the job ad.

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