Create, customize and manage online events in HR

The new Inrecruiting Events module is a space dedicated to managing and digitalizing your online events

Complete your HR suite with an online event management tool

Support the meeting between candidates and companies. Digitalize your recruiting events 

Career day

Company presentation




Create custom events and digital speech

Manage HR and recruiting events practically and simply with the new Inrecruiting Events module. Create the online event and any speech that make it up, set the details such as start/end date and time, title and description, the number of participants and available places, etc.) and communicate your employer branding with customized pages.

Manage participant's application

Make the registration process smart and collect the subscriber information into your ATS database. Create custom application form, manage events and digital speech registrations and communicate with participants with personalized messages.

Make the meeting between candidates and companies easier 

Don't miss the chance to meet the best candidate! Managing and digitalizing the events allow you to interact with more candidates and to highlight new job post created specifically for them. Post your job ads, start the application process in your ATS and keep the application into your database for future researches. 

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Inrecruiting Events module is excellent for

Companies, Staffing agencies and HR consulting company that want to create and manage HR and recruitment events in digital form.

Training organisations and career service that want to support the meeting between companies and students and make easier to connect them with  the world of work.