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Companies and employment agencies of any size and shape use In-recruiting to manage the entire search and selection
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How our clients use In-recruiting

Find out how the management of the search and selection process of companies
that have chosen to adopt In-recruiting has changed and what benefits they have
obtained using our software for Talent Acquisition


McDonald's Italy increases its candidates by 50% with In-recruiting


The importance of software integration for the management of complex organizational structures

Nobis Insurance

Collect and consult CVs easily with In-recruiting


How to order and structure selections in a winning way


Organize the recruiting process with flexible tools and KPIs


Faster and more effective selections tofacilitate the meeting between companies and candidates


Artemest optimizes the selections with the support of In-recruiting


Select specialized profiles with centralized and integrated management of processes


What they say about In-recruiting

In-recruiting allows us to standardize the selection process, share feedback on candidates with multiple colleagues, archive and screen CVs and send feedback
to candidates"

Isabella Brianza
Responsible Human Resources


Do you want to see In-recruiting at work?

In-recruiting is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the most powerful platform
for the search and selection of personnel. Help recruiters find and manage the best
talent, with maximum results in the shortest possible time.

"In-recruiting allows us to channel allapplications within the same database and thus save a lot of time in screening and also share information among colleagues in a
much faster and smarter way"

Daniele Grandini

Managing Partner
Tailor&Fox S.r.l

Power your recruiting with Artificial Intelligence

Inda (Intelligent Data Analysis) is the proprietary artificial intelligence technology
that allows you to automate and optimize processes to further refine the selection
process and Talent Acquisition.