Everything you need for your recruiting process

ATS for Companies, Recruitment firms and Staffing Agencies

Everything you need for your recruiting process

Do twice the work in half the time

In-recruiting is the most powerful platform for the staff search and selection

Step 1

Create your career page

Career site editor

Create your page Work with us in a few minutes thanks to the drag and drop sidebar editor included in In-recruiting. You can pick your company colours, insert the logo and images to communicate your Employer Branding.


  • Drag & Drop
  • Mobile Ready
  • Multilanguage
  • SEO
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Graphic customisation

With our visual editor, you can customise the various graphics of your Work with us page, harmonising it with your corporate website. The career page is 100% mobile friendly.


  • Customisable layout
  • Seach filters
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Integration of vacancies

Show your open positions inside the career page and integrate the form for spontaneous applications. Each time you publish a job offer from In-recruiting, it will automatically be added to your website.


  • Custom integrations
  • Spontaneous applications
  • Geolocalization
  • Vacancies board
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Step 2

Publish vacancies

Publish vacancies

Create a vacancy with In-recruiting and share it with one click on some 35 free Job boards including Indeed, Glassdoor and Neuvoo. With the feature LinkedIn Limited Listings you can also freely insert a job offer on LinkedIn directly from In-recruiting.


  • Quick publication
  • Multiposting
  • Suggested candidates
  • Permission management
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Application forms

Create and customise entirely the application and pre-screening forms. Use open and multiple choice questions to filter the candidates best suited for each open position.


  • Customisable forms
  • Mobile ready
  • Privacy management
  • Apply with LinkedIn
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Social recruiting

With In-recruiting it is easy to share your job ads on the social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger. Intercept passive candidates and communicate your Employer brand.


  • Social job posting
  • WhatsApp integration
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Step 3

Candidate screening

CV database

Create a centralised CV database with In-recruiting. Collaborate easily with your recruiting team and save all the information in one and only platform without having to access different systems: CVs, applications, meetings, evaluation forms, feedbacks and many others.


  • Centralised database
  • Automatic ranking
  • Candidate evaluations
  • CV text search
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Candidate profile

Aggregate all the applications and interactions with the candidates inside their profile. Each candidate can access their own private account and keep their data up to date.


  • Application history
  • Customisable fields
  • GDPR compliant
  • Candidate private account
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Semantic search

The semantic search helps you to quickly find the candidates that best suit your criteria. It creates an automatic ranking of the CVs and suggests you the applicants the most in line with your vacancies.


  • CV ranking
  • Candidate suggestions
  • Synonyms
  • Boolean search
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Create and customise pre-screening questionnaires in In-recruiting; or use internationally recognised psycho-attitudinal tests.


  • Automatic pre-screening
  • Killer questions
  • Third party integrations
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Step 4

Choose the right candidate

Planification of interviews

Easily and quickly organise interviews with candidates. Enter your preferred time slots and automatically see the availabilities of the candidates. Coordinate your calendar with the one of your team members and keep track of all your appointments.


  • Shared calendar
  • Outlook, Gmail iCloud integrations
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Video interviews

Communicate remotely with your candidates thanks to the system of instant or pre-recorded video interviews , such as Skype Interviews, that are integrated with In-recruiting.


  • Calendar integration
  • Video interview pipeline
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Create a structured evaluation process thanks to the evaluation form and interview notes customised for each role or open position. Every recruiter can grade the candidate and see the grades given by the other team members.


  • Customisable skills
  • Evaluations history
  • Shared evaluations
  • Multiple template
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Automatic feedback

Provide your candidates with an automatic feedback after an interview. Customise your message templates to ensure the best candidate experience.


  • Personalised feedback
  • Notifications
  • Candidate experience
  • E-mail templates
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Step 5

Report and Statistics


With the reporting function, you can keep track of your recruitment process. You always have under control the fundamental metrics to optimise your team’s and your own performance.


  • Excel exports
  • KPI recruitment
  • Time to hire
  • Time to fill
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Channels of provenance of the candidates

The metrics enable you to analyse and confront the different sources of the applications: Job Board, Career Page, Spontaneous application, Social Network… It will make it easy to understand which channel brings in more applications and to optimise your ROI.


  • Job ads performance
  • Convertion rates
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Database composition

Monitor the composition of your CV database. It will give you a clear vision of the type of candidates that are part of your Talent pool.


  • Selection status
  • Hired candidates
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Top features

Here are the features that make In-recruiting the most powerful recruiting software.

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