Meetin video-nterview live

Live video interview platform integrated into your Applicant Tracking System 

Meet best candidates online and manage your selections remotely with Meetin, the live video interview system available in the Inrecruiting Applicant Tracking System.

Remove the distance between you and the right candidate. Meet him online with Meetin.

Pianifica i tuoi video colloqui

Plan your video interviews

Choose candidates to interview and schedule the video interview immediately on your calendar! Meetin is integrated into your ATS and allows you to create one-to-one sessions, personalize appointments, organize your agenda and keep track of upcoming video interviews live.

schedule interview
meetin interview
 Invita i candidati e condividi l’accesso al meeting

Invite candidates and colleagues to the online interview

Carry on with the selection process! Invite candidates and share access to the meeting with your colleagues too. Ask candidates who have signed up for an ad, or new users, to take part in the live video interview. Send a personalized message and invite them to connect to the video interview with a simple click on the access link.

interagisci con i candidati con la chat interna ai video colloqui

Interact and communicate with talents

Turn your job interview into a positive experience for your candidates! Communicate with their internal chat system, manage the speech with the show of hands and make the interview interactive by sharing with the participants business exchanges and other documents connected from your screen or video via a link to YouTube.

Do you already use Inrecruiting and need to deepen all the features of the Live video interviews? Are you considering an ATS that allows you to manage remote meetings centrally? Please request a free consultation with our experts.

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