The system for creating and sending SMS and Newsletter integrated into your ATS

Improve communication with candidates with Sendin

The new Inrecruiting tool that allows you to create massive Newsletter or SMS campaigns to send to candidates and manage them in an automated way within the ATS

SMS Campaigns

Create SMS campaigns to speed up the sending and receiving of instant communications important to your recruiting efforts and interact with all types of candidates.
Use short, direct messages to send a reminder with interview details, confirm an appointment, give feedback or update candidates on their progress in the pipeline, and more.

Newsletter Campaigns

Create more professional email campaigns and Newsletters that reflect your Employer Branding. Get in touch with a large number of candidates with personalized content to report the publication of the new job offers, suggest recruiting paths in target, inform about the organization or partecipation in event (eg career day), send informative content about the company and much more. 

Campagne Newsletter

Crea campagne email più professionali e Newsletter che rispecchiano il tuo Employer Branding. Entra in contatto con un elevato numero di candidati con contenuti personalizzati per segnalare la pubblicazione di nuove offerte di lavoro, suggerire percorsi di recruiting in target, informare sull'organizzazione o partecipazione ad eventi (es. career day), inviare contenuti informativi sull'azienda e molto altro.

What you can do with Sendin

Create in a short time your Newsletter and SMS campaigns 

Create and send email and SMS campaigns to communicate with candidates in all circumstances. You can customize the contents of your messages or create fantastic email templates for your Newsletter. You can choose one of our predefined templates or create unique graphic layouts using the modern drag & drop editor.

sendin template
candidates segments

Choose the recipients of your Newsletter ed SMS campaigns

Identify the target of your email and SMS campaigns and manage the sending of communications directly within the software. You can select candidates, a list or a segment of candidates in the database and manage the communication in a centralized and automated way. 

Plan campaign and set mailing times and frequency

Organize the sending of your campaigns and schedule mass mailings to targeted candidates. You can choose the date to start your campaign and its duration, set the sending frequency and opt for a recruiting cadence, all without ever leaving the ATS. 

create campaign

Observe campaign results and monitor statistics

Keep an eye on the progress of your Newsletter and SMS campaigns. You can  consult statistics and monitor data such as open and delivery rates, unreceived emails and other useful details to assess the effectiveness of your communications.

privacy sendin

Communicate with candidates while respecting privacy

Manage your privacy settings also for SMS and Newsletter campaigns directly within the ATS.  You can send communications to candidates who have given their consent in advance (Opt-in) and allow you to revoke it indipendently to block the receipt of communications (Opt-out). 

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