RPO Software Solution

Inrecruiting is an Applicant Tracking System that adapts quickly and easily to the RPO model (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) allowing your HR team to completely manage the selection process of your client, remotely or on-site.

Improve your services with a specialized ATS

With an ATS tailored created, the entire RPO process becomes more efficient in terms of results for the client and accessibility of KPI. 


The RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is a process through which the research and selection activities of a company are outsourced to an external partner specialized in HR (usually an employment agency) who works closely  with the company and manages the entire recruiting process.


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Offer the best services available on the market for your customers

You can adapt yourself to your clients’ process by providing an efficient and customised service

Utenti ATS

Find the best candidates for your customers

Implement your recruiters’ productivity, close opened positions and satisfy your clients’ expectations


Save resources and optimize processes

Obtain full control of your RPO project and optimize your investments 

Offer the best customer service on the market

 We developted a powerful,  personalized and scalable RPO Software on the needs of your customers.

Inrecruiting gives you a complete and collaborative management of the entire recruitment process, from the publication of job offers, CV screening up to onboarding of candidates in the company.

Main functionalities

  • ATS ready for use
  • Collaborative 
  • GDPR compliant 
  • Can be integrated with any third party software

Find the best candidates for your customers

Increase the productivity of your recruiters, close all the open positions and meet your customers' expectations.

Customers expect you to be able to find the best candidates for them in the less time. Inrecruiting helps you to respond effectively to this challenge.

Main functionalities

  • Career page integrated with your customer's website
  • Automatic screening of CV
  • Job posts multiposting function 
  • Shared valuation grids

Save resources and optimize processes

Controlling is the major function of a RPO project. Using a cutting-edge technological solution helps you constantly monitor your most important metrics. You can analyze your processes and create reports to present to your customer.

And that means you can improve the efficiency of your work. Reducing time-to-hire and cost to hire has never been easier.

Main functionalities

  • Data exportation 
  • Cost to hire
  • Time to hire
  • Reports