Enhance your recruiting with AI 

Automate manual and repetitive tasks, improve candidate search and optimize the entire selection process with Inda, the artificial intelligence technology integrated into your ATS.

Artificial intelligence for HR

Managing the selection process is a constant challenge for companies. In addition to searching for the best candidates and evaluating their skills, the possibility of optimizing work also worries recruiters. Managing the activities and the time available, in fact, is essential to reduce those slowdowns that can delay the entry of new talents into the company.

Artificial intelligence proposes innovative solutions to address similar obstacles, ensuring optimal results.
Inda (Intelligent Data Analysis) is the proprietary AI technology for HR that allows you to automate and accelerate processes, supporting recruiters in carrying out daily activities. Time saving, reduction of bias and greater precision in candidate selection are just some of the advantages it brings.

Main features of Inda

Make the recruiting process more efficient, accurate and centered on your company's needs. With Inda's AI capabilities, available in multiple languages, you can better manage your recruiting efforts and refine how you source and hire top talent. 

Automatic form filling

Allow candidates to fill out the application form automatically by simply uploading their CV, from which the main information will be extracted.

CV Parsing

Make it easier to recognize and extract candidate data from CVs and store all information more easily in the database.

Semantic search

Use the semantic engine to find the right candidates, even when CVs contain typos, synonyms or words similar to the one used for the search.


Classifies candidate profiles based on a score based on the correspondence to the search carried out. Scoring ignores sensitive data such as age, gender and nationality.

Job Matching

Match candidates and job ads quickly and easily and identify the best match between candidate skills and the requirements of an open position.

Similar candidates

Consult a list of candidates similar to the one you are considering, during the search phase and at any other point in the process.

The power of Generative AI

Use generative AI to create effective content that helps you capture candidates' attention!
Thanks to the integration of a generative artificial intelligence tool, you can write unique texts, to be customized based on needs related to the professional figure you are looking for or to your company, and save precious time that you can dedicate to other crucial activities.

Generation of the job advertisement

By providing some basic information, the draft job advert is generated complete with company description, job position and requirements needed to apply

Writing texts to promote ads on social networks

Starting from the job advert, and after choosing the channel and tone of voice to use, the text of a message is developed to be used to promote the job advert on social networks

Suggestion of questions for job interviews

By indicating a job title, it is possible to take advantage of the suggestion of assessment questions to ask candidates to test their skills and make the selection more effective

Other features

Anonymous CVs

Generate an anonymized copy of the candidate's CV in real time to facilitate an increasingly fair and skills-based selection.

Skill gap Analysis

Identify the skills possessed by candidates and recognize skills and job titles by associating them with those recognized in national and international classifications.


Examine workers' skills, the jobs they have done and support them in planning new professional paths.