Do you need to hire a new resource for your team? Apply for approval via Job Request

Do you need to hire a new resource for your team? Apply for approval via Job Request

The Job Request is a tool used to request the hiring of new employees. It allows companies and Employment Agencies to formalise a request for employment (the Job Request or Job Requisition) and obtain its approval. The success of this procedure is essential to publish a job advertisement and start a new selection process. Among the latest functionalities developed by Inrecruiting is the Job Request module, dedicated to creating the job request and managing the approval workflow preparatory to future selection. Here is how it works.

What is a job request?

As the English term implies, a job request is a request for employment or work, a formal request – to be precise – created to open a new job search.

Preliminary and preparatory to the publication of the advertisement, the job request is created when the request to hire new employees requires the approval of specific figures within the company (e.g. CEO, HR Manager, Team Manager, etc.). Once created, the job request sets in motion an approval workflow at the end, of which permission is obtained to publish the job advertisement and start the selection process.

The Job Request module of Inrecruiting

To cover what is a related activity in the recruiting and talent acquisition process, we have developed the Job Request module. This new tool allows a team member to write a formal job request and get approval to start the search for a new resource.

One of the advantages of the form is that you can define the need and the objective of the job request: specify why you want to hire a new resource and what tasks and skills are expected.

Some personnel selections involve the direct publication of the advertisement and the start of the search; others – due to specific internal arrangements – require the approval of certain team members. In these cases,

approval workflow
  • A Job Request is opened to obtain consent to publish a job advertisement for a specific professional figure;

  • The request approval process begins, which cascades and automatically forwards the approval request to all company users involved in the workflow;

  • Once full approval is obtained, the Job Request is converted into an actual job advertisement and the selection process begins.

How the Job Request Form Works

The Job Request module, available within ATS Inrecruiting, enables the straightforward and effective management of an activity closely linked to the selection process, i.e., that which leads a corporate team member to request approval, to post a job advertisement and to open a new job search.


PRACTICAL EXAMPLE: Suppose you are part of a company that wants to hire a new resource for the IT team. The IT Manager can open a Job Request to seek the recruitment of a Senior IT Specialist, for example, highlighting the motivations and requirements for the new resource. Once the request has been forwarded, the approval procedure starts. As a cascade, all the contacts involved in the approval workflow (e.g. HR Manager, CTO, CEO) are automatically called upon to accept or reject the request made and, therefore, to terminate or definitively approve the Job Request. In the event of a positive outcome, the job request is converted into an actual job advertisement. With a single click, the HR team can proceed with the publication of the job advertisement and start the search for the new Senior IT Specialist.

Why use a Job Request form?

Using a tool that facilitates creating and managing internal job requests for new employees is hugely beneficial, especially when integrated into your recruiting software.

  • It centralises and automates an activity that is preliminary and preparatory to the selection process;
  • It streamlines and speeds up an otherwise complex process and allows you to monitor the time between application, approval and the actual opening of the selection;
  • It helps keep track of all processes and makes them more structured, with a view to ISO 9001 certification.

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