Organising and managing the communication of a recruiting day with SMS and Newsletters

Organising and managing the communication of a recruiting day with SMS and Newsletters

Recruiting is, in many respects, also marketing. The boundaries between these two worlds are becoming increasingly blurred: for today’s recruiters, it is of great importance to know and implement the right strategies to attract and involve candidates in the selection process and to be able to talk to them in different contexts (e.g. recruiting day, career day). This is why the term recruiting marketing is no longer just a cliché, but to all intents and purposes a discipline to be approached scientifically.

With this in mind, having an email marketing technology at your disposal is indispensable for all those recruiters who want to adopt a modern approach – as a recruiter marketer – and keep up with the times, and who want to base their talent acquisition strategy on email.

A technology such as Sendin, the system for creating and sending massive communications developed and integrated into ATS In-recruiting, helps streamline communication processes with candidates in different contexts (e.g. recruiting days, career days). It is easy to use, has a modern graphic interface and transforms email newsletters and SMS messages from common tools used for basic interactions into real means to engage candidates.

Organising and managing the communication of a recruiting day

For a company that decides to organise a recruiting event, communication with participants (candidates) is just as important as organisation. By using software such as In-recruiting, you can manage in one place all the activities involved in setting up and managing the event, communicating with participants and the subsequent search and selection activities. Let’s see how.

Organising a recruiting event

Recruiting events include career days to help students meet with companies and open their first doors to the world of work, or recruiting days, fairs and other opportunities to find jobs and make themselves known to recruiters and companies. Whether these are physical or virtual events, as we experienced during the pandemic period, managing their organisation and communication with In-recruiting is extremely advantageous, whether the company does it on its own or in partnership with others.

Create and manage a recruiting day with In-recruiting

So let’s imagine that a company wants to organise a recruiting day. With In-recruiting’s Events module it can create and manage the event online as well as digitise its organisation in the case of a physical event. In general, this functionality allows you to:

  • Create events and speeches with customised pages: create an event, present any speeches, indicate details such as date and start/end time of the event or speech, title and description, available seats, number of participants, presence of partners, etc.

  • Manage participant registration online: as if they were candidates, participants can register for the event (or speeches) using customised forms, thanks to which it will be possible to collect data in the database and keep profiles for future searches.

Promote the event with newsletters

After creating the event page, the communication aspects can be managed. The target audience is defined, which in this case we know to be all those registered for the event, and contact segments are created to which communications are sent (e.g. newsletters).

With Sendin, the organising company can create customised newsletter campaigns to be sent to all participants to

  • Promote the event or individual speeches
  • Give information
  • Communicate news
  • Release updates
  • Simply to ‘create hype’ before the event date.

A particularly useful feature of Sendin is the one that allows you to schedule the sending of newsletter and SMS campaigns on a recurring basis. In this case, it allows the company to send messages or emails with a predetermined frequency before the event.

Obviously, before proceeding with the sending of emails and SMS, it is a good idea to check that all recipients have consented to the processing of their data and accepted the privacy policy regarding In-recruiting’s email marketing (or SMS marketing) communications!

Communicating with partecipants with SMS and Newsletter campaigns

The value of communication even during and after the event must not be overlooked! While the event is still going on, the company can send massive SMS communications with Sendin for:

  • Flash updates
  • Quick insights
  • Reminders or alerts (e.g. to remind the start of a speech at a certain time, to confirm or summarise the details of an interview already scheduled, etc.).

Or it can build email templates for newsletters to be sent at the end of the event and

  • Make a concluding recap
  • Share informative content
  • Report job advertisements (including those of participating companies)
  • Announce the imminent opening of selections for target segments, etc.

Doing research and selection after the event

Thanks to its ability to centralise several activities, the advantages of In-recruiting related to the communication and organisation of the event are also reflected in the management of the search and selection processes.

Once the event is over, the company can continue to use the ATS to manage selections, taking advantage of some settings that are particularly useful when used cross-referentially with the other In-recruiting modules.

  • If the company has used customised forms to allow registration for the event, the fields entered can be used as a search filter to more easily find candidates in the database during selection.
  • If the company has published advertisements at the event, it can allow candidates to view the advertisements in its reserved area and proceed directly to the application. In the case of future selections, it can call up the candidate profiles stored in the database by carrying out specific searches.
  • If the company has integrated artificial intelligence into In-recruiting, and is equipped with PCs and other devices, it can speed up the collection and screening of CVs, especially in the case of recruiting days – another event – in attendance. Not only by scanning CVs (in text or image format) to automatically fill out forms and digitise CVs, but also by speeding up and automating the screening of applications.
  • If the company has scheduled interviews, it can use the interview notes to keep track of a preliminary assessment of the candidate even during the recruiting day; or, it can use the appointment calendar, schedule interviews or video interviews with the appropriate tools to go ahead with selections even remotely.

Once the selection process has been initiated through In-recruiting, recruiters can again use Sendin to talk to candidates engaged in the candidate journey.

Email and SMS newsletters, used in a context such as the organisation of a recruiting day or any other HR event, therefore, become a valid tool on which to base your talent acquisition strategy.

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