Building a successful Career Page with Inrecruiting

Building a successful Career Page with Inrecruiting

The Career Page plays a very important role in the recruiting process. It is not only a web page where you can collect and make visible your job announcements, but also a showcase for communicating your company values and culture, promoting employer branding and demonstrating how important people are to the company.

So how do you create an effective career page to enhance your recruiting strategy? If you use a recruiting software like Inrecruiting to manage your search and selection processes, you can build a successful career page on your own, without the intervention of your company’s IT or marketing team. Let’s see how.

What is a Career Page

Career page, career site, career page or ‘work with us’ page: these are all terms used to refer to a page linked to a company’s website and dedicated to its job opportunities. Functioning as a catalyst for attention and interest, this page helps to engage users and makes it easier to engage and attract candidates.

The career page is a storefront, but it is also a hiring channel. So, on the one hand, it can be used to communicate the company’s brand and culture, and on the other, it functions as a true recruitment channel. On the career page, the company makes its open positions visible and, also for this reason, it is one of the most visited pages of the company website by job seekers.

In fact, according to the Source of Hire-2020, a document we created to highlight the main channels from which 2020 candidates come, in fact

’57% of job ad views come from the corporate Career Page source.’

As last year’s top source of traffic, the career page is definitely a channel to monitor closely for candidate intake.

What the ‘Work with Us’ page is for: the benefits

What has just been said is enough to explain why those involved in recruitment and selection should bother to create and maintain a ‘work with us’ page. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a successful career page:

  • It highlights the company’s job openings to users who already know the company and want to find out about open positions and to those who land on the site after applying to the ad on other portals;
  • Reduces recruiting costs because it simplifies the collection of qualified profiles to be stored in the DB through direct applications to ads or spontaneous applications;
  • Helps convey the company’s values, promote the brand, attract users and drive them to apply to become part of the company.

How to create a corporate Career Page with Inrecruiting

One of the better features of Inrecruiting is the one that allows recruiters (or other corporate users) to create a career page quickly, independently and easily directly from the software, without the need to have special skills or to require the technical intervention of the company’s IT team.

To build a new Career Page, all you need to do is access the company’s private area settings on Inrecruiting and manage the creation, customization and translation into other languages. The page can be easily integrated into the company’s website by inserting a simple redirect.

If, on the other hand, the company already has a “Work with us” page on its corporate website, Inrecruiting also allows the simple technical integration (with iframe or JSON) of the registration form or of the job ads, depending on the level of graphic customization required by the company itself.

Structure and contents of the page

Using Inrecruiting, therefore, you can build a responsive, multilingual, SEO-optimized, customized and well-structured Career page. In addition to the distinctive graphic elements of the company (logos, color, fonts, etc..), you can use the drag & drop editor to choose the structure to give to the page, what content to display and customize and what order to assign to the various sections. Among these:

  • Topbar: this is the top bar of the page that contains the company logo, the labels of the various sections that make up the page, and the buttons for accessing the Inrecruiting reserved area, the company website, and changing language;
  • Header: this is the cover of the page and can contain a video or an image, as well as links to the company’s social pages and any bar for quick search ads;
  • About us: this area is dedicated to the presentation of the company and it is possible to insert a text and other references related to the headquarter, phone number, email, number of employees, etc;
  • Announcements: this section is dedicated to the job announcements published on Inrecruiting and you can choose to modify the display layout and the order;
  • Spontaneous Applications: this section is reserved for spontaneous applications and allows you to add a new registration form and collect the CVs of candidates;
  • Text: it’s possible to insert a block of text or a different format such as explanation and video or description and image;
  • Image and video: two blocks dedicated to multimedia elements that allow you to add photos of the company or upload a video
  • Benefits: this is the section dedicated to the perks offered by the company to employees (e.g. restaurant ticket);
  • Testimonials from customers or employees;
  • Team: this space shows the company’s team by inserting the photo, the job title and the link to the employees’ LinkedIn profile.

Useful tips for building an effective Career Page

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to build a really effective career page:

Use unique and transparent content

SEO optimization is important, but you must always remember to offer original content (images and text) that shows the true essence of the company and its values because these are what attract candidates and make them want to know more about the company.

Insert multimedia content

Use images and videos and that balance the presence of text and visual content to make the user’s browsing experience more enjoyable. Adding photos or videos related to company life can help engage possible candidates.

Choose an intuitive structure

Don’t forget that a career page is still a web page, so you need to take care of its usability. The structure should be intuitive and functional for the benefit of the user’s browsing experience. The page must be responsive and easily accessible from the company website, from the menu or even from the footer.

Enter results and recognition

Not only of the company but also of the employees themselves. It means giving importance to people, enhancing the achievements they have made but also giving visibility and more credibility to the company in the eyes of candidates.

Take care of the job ad writing

Even the writing of the job ad can affect the attraction of candidates and their propensity to register for an ad. Therefore, it is good to always keep the section related to job ads updated, write clear descriptions and provide all the necessary information to push the candidate to complete the application. Read our article to learn more about how to write a job ad.

5 Examples of Successful Career Pages Built with Inrecruiting

To show you the full potential of the Career Page creation tool built into our ATS software, we have selected 5 examples of successful Career Pages built with Inrecruiting.






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