Source of Hire In-recruiting

Finding the right candidate is not as simple as it sounds. Figuring out recruiting sources and monitoring key recruiting statistics is critical to understanding the entire process's progress.

83% of surveyed recruiters had trouble recruiting suitable candidates during the 12 months of 2019. 78% of companies using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) say technology makes hiring easier. Therefore, managing the entire recruiting process with an ATS increasingly represents a technological must necessary to track the activities' progress and properly evaluate their ROI.

The Source of Hire is a recruiting metric that helps you understand from which sources the hired candidates come and how to improve your recruiting strategy by identifying the most effective ones.

Within the In-recruiting Source of Hire you will find:

  1. the benefits of Source of Hire;
  2. the Source of Hire monitored channels;
  3. a data overview of the labour market and recruiting;
  4. the best overall sources of employment;
  5. the best sites/job boards for hired candidates;
  6. an overview of the essential HR Analytics.

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