Have a laugh with these recruiting memes

Have a laugh with these recruiting memes

We looked for the funniest recruiting memes and here they are!

After scouting the web, here is our selection of memes for recruiters:

The worst feeling for every recruiter is…

reject offer


Relationship goals

Relationship goals


Maybe in my next life, I will become famous singer as well.

from the other side

Sometimes an interview with a candidate is just so easy!

interview with a candidate


Do you want to become a recruiter? Welcome to sourcing candidates…

become a recruiter


Every recruiter is so happy to have all your relatives’ CV’s

get cv


This is how every HR department is feeling since 25th of May

gdpr feel


What about a little update on your recruiting software ATS?

little update


I don’t understand all the fuss about the Employer branding.

employer branding

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