A new frontier for Talent Acquisition: Zucchetti acquires In-recruiting

A new frontier for Talent Acquisition: Zucchetti acquires In-recruiting

When we founded In-recruiting in 2009, we wanted to create a Recruiting Software to join two peculiarities: utility and innovation.

Reaching this goal, we tried years after years, to improve our ATS and its services, to offer to our clients the best solution on the market to manage the entire Recruiting process in a more intuitive and smart way.

Today In-recruiting is one of the main Applicant Tracking System (ATS)/ Recruiting Software present on the European market which has more than 350 clients (of which 30% out of Italy). Our ATS allows Recruiters of companies and job agencies to automate most of the Recruiting processes and spending more time to search and select the best candidate to hire. After ten years, In-recruiting, which always cares about new trends in the technological market, has inaugurated a new department for the development of proprietary Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to the HR world. These functions are already present inside its ATS and, if desired, integrated with third-party software.

Since the launch of In-recruiting, our mission was to work for disrupting the market with an innovative solution for improving the recruiting processes. It pushed us to ask ourself two fundamental questions for the future of the group: how can we define goals even higher that allow us to be ready for the big changes due to the digital transformation? How is it possible to improve software that can always create huge benefits in line with the HR and Recruiting world?

The answer to all these questions came out when we had the opportunity to join the Zucchetti Group. This merger will help us foster the innovative aspects of our solution and improve the quality of provided services as well as leverage of the major investments in know-how resources. The first step in this direction will be the integration between In-recruiting and HR Suite of Zuchetti, which will represent the more complete solution on the market to manage all the HR processes.

We also want to thanks all our clients that trust us for several years. We are sure that those new possibilities and opportunities will offer you technological tools, which are more and more innovative and able to improve your work performance.