Internal Job Posting to manage personnel in the company

Internal Job Posting to manage personnel in the company

Internal job posting is an often underestimated solution for personnel recruitment and management. This is true both for companies that tend to prefer external recruitment paths, and for their employees who, when interested in changing jobs, end up changing companies as well.

In this way, you can be sure that your employees will have access to a wide range of services. Large companies can set in motion rotation and outplacement processes – in other sectors/branches – and save time and money. At the same time, the satisfaction and personal growth of the resources concerned also has a positive impact on the company’s reputation and identity.

Job Posting: from Multiposting to Internal Job Posting

When a new job opportunity arises in the company, a job announcement is published, initiating a search and selection process. To give greater visibility to the Job Description, appropriate techniques and channels are used to intercept new qualified candidates, active or passive, outside the company boundaries. Multiposting, for example, makes the job offer visible not only on one’s own career page or on the company’s social pages, but also on the main job boards, portals and job listing sites.

This doesn’t mean that the person you’re looking for could be hiding among the company’s own employees who are just waiting for an opportunity for mobility and growth.

internal job posting and hiring

In this sense, internal Job Posting allows you to publish job advertisements reserved for staff already present in the company by creating a new and specific pool of candidates – the employees themselves. In addition to the information present in their CVs and collected in the database, we know their skills, performance and potential, which are very useful to guide and complete the selection process. These elements are extremely useful for making a prediction about the selection of the new candidate (perhaps using artificial intelligence technologies), but they are not the only advantages.

The advantages of internal job posting for companies and employees

As already mentioned, employee-only job posting brings countless benefits to both the company and the staff. In general, these benefits are evaluated in terms of time, cost, and personal satisfaction.

Save time and money

The time factor clearly affects the recruiting process. For this reason, adopting a selection strategy that saves on costs and time in recruiting, onboarding and training is extremely advantageous for companies (we’re talking especially about medium and large-sized companies).

internal job posting advantages

By relocating staff to other locations/branches of the company and rotating employees, the company experiences significant cost savings (recruitment costs and new salaries) and speeds up hiring without having to re-train the resource. Career advancement or change of office also drastically speeds up the selection process: the resource already knows the company and vice versa, so it is not necessary to go through all the steps of the Application Journey and other formalities typical of Onboarding.

Employee Retention, Engagement and Satisfaction

It’s important to offer employees – all of them equally – the opportunity to grow professionally, move into new areas and learn new skills or mature and consolidate their job position. Through internal job posting, you can increase the resource’s personal satisfaction and their connection to the company. The employee feels motivated at work, sees an evolution, growth prospects and earnings and, therefore, feels incentivized to give his best to achieve those professional goals.

It goes without saying that such advantages also have a positive impact on the reputation and identity of the company, which is attentive to the personal growth and professional training of employees, even after their hiring.

Doing Internal Job Posting with an ATS

Although email seems to be one of the most widely used communication channels within companies, there are other tools that are preferred to indicate to employees the opening of a new job opportunity in the company. Personalized emails and newsletters frequently used in large corporate contexts for massive communications, give way to more practical and fast tools that can unite the management of the company’s internal staff with that of the recruiting process. This is ATS.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) such as In-recruiting, in addition to managing and monitoring the candidate search and selection process, also guarantees the export and collection of employee data and CVs and internal job posting. The specific Employees module, in fact, allows you to:

  • Do internal job posting by publishing job announcements reserved to its employees also in a company Intranet or other channel reserved to employees
  • Create specific application forms visible to the staff in their reserved area
  • Create internal forms useful for the insertion of the curricular data of the employee
  • Collect employees’ CVs in your DB

These are just some of the advantages of a recruiting software and of the opportunities offered by internal Job Posting to keep the best talents in the company!