Large-scale Retail Trade, logistics and delivery: react to Covid-19 with recruitment actions

Large-scale Retail Trade, logistics and delivery: react to Covid-19 with recruitment actions

The explosion of the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) has upset people’s balance and habits. On the one hand, the lockdown has required to all a “restrictive position”, putting a stop on people’s movements, daily work. On the other hand, it has triggered processes of transformation and acceleration of some activities: this is the case of Large-scale Retail Trade, logistics and delivery.

These are productive sectors that, during a difficult time, have been particularly active in always guarantee the availability of goods and services – food in particular – for people. For their part, however, these companies, committed to meeting our basic needs, what did they need?

Overview of the effects of the crisis on Large-scale Retail Trade and delivery growth

As we move towards phase 2 and the restoration of certain activities, we cannot do without considering the global impact of the pandemic on consumption and production sectors. According to the Ufficio Studi Confcommercio

We will have an estimated decline in consumption of almost 84 billion euros in 2020 (-8% compared to 2019)

Among the sectors most affected by the lockdown and pandemic, we have clothing, automotive, cultural and recreational services, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. As confirmed by the data of Confcommercio,

The latter two, in particular, are the sectors that record the most massive falls: -48,5% for accommodation services and -33,3% for coffee shops and restaurants

On the contrary, there is a positive note on food and drinks sales. Growth of Large-scale Retail Trade sector was also confirmed by ISMEA (Institute of Food Services for the Agricultural Market) report. It evidenced an increment of 160% for the delivery and the increase of the home deliveries for some commercial activities.

Supply, shelf and warehouse workers in the Large-scale Retail Trade: the most required profiles

The operativity of the Large-scale Retail Trade, logistics and delivery sectors has therefore triggered a perhaps unexpected increase of the production that has demanded the availability of new staff to hire. Companies have implemented recruitment actions aimed at the search and selection of specific professional figures. It becomes urgent not only to have the appropriate tools to manage the recruitment process, such as an ATS like In-recruiting but also to be able to use them in proportion to the real internal needs.

The most requested profiles in this period include, in addition to professionals in the medical and healthcare sectors, figures engaged in the industries mentioned above: supply and sorting goods, sales assistant, warehousemen, logistics staff, drivers, delivery men, etc.

Grande Distribuzione Organizzata (GDO)

Looking for new resources to be integrated into your staff, in a practical way and in a short time: this was needed by companies that during this pandemic have dispensed essential goods and services!

Human resources in the Large-scale Retail Trade, logistics, delivery: actions and reactions

The availability of new resources in phase 2 of this emergency is the effect of a “chain reaction” if we can call it that, which occurred at the beginning of the pandemic.

At the origin of the growth of the Large-scale Retail Trade sector, in a period of a health emergency, there could be an actual “supply rush”, if we can call it that, that pushed people into supermarkets, hypermarkets and groceries to provide supplies.

To cope with this situation, the shops in the sector have had to work on two fronts: protecting the health and safety of employees and customers and ensuring the availability of essential productsTherefore, on the one hand, they have equipped themselves to respect and enforce appropriate security measures (distance, space management, limited contacts), on the other hand, they have prepared the coordination, management and growth of the work team to provide an adequate service. From this situation, the hiring of new figures for the Large-scale Retail Trade as supply workers, shelves staff, warehousemen, etc.

The increase in sales has also had positive effects on the online front (e-commerce), enhancing distance selling. It has helped the growth of the home delivery sector, grocery shopping first, other goods then. It is the case of food delivery and the strategic transformation of the working methods of many small businesses.


The supply and demand of essential goods have given way to a chain reaction, as we said at the beginning, which led to an increase in Large-scale Retail Trade, logistics, e-commerce, delivery and transport turnover, at least in the first period of lockdown, before the whole situation stabilized.

Anyway, companies have also shared the increase in the process of research and selection of new staff, with benefits that will be useful even in the coming months. During the lockdown, they eased the pressure on operating employees, creating the conditions for better management of shifts, schedules and stress. During phase 2, it will be essential to: create or consolidate the management of separate environments to safeguard employees and customers, organize internal staff (shifts management, replacements, permits, diseases) and provide human resources with the necessary tools to restart in the best way.
In such a situation, mutual support and assistance is a valid starting point.

We are happy to offer our contribution by doubling the Active Jobs of all our plans to support companies and customers, of these sector and other sectors, in the activities of research, selection and management of human resources through In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System.

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