In-recruiting updates its Applicant Tracking System: find out what is new in version 8.2!

In-recruiting updates its Applicant Tracking System: find out what is new in version 8.2!

In-recruiting launches the new version: find out what is new in version 8.2!
The new In-recruiting release expands the range of creative, practical and technical functionalities available to your Recruiter team. The newly released updates, in fact, concern six main improvements that can be used immediately.
Let’s see in detail what it is.

Career Page

Free the most creative side in you!

The new Career Page allows you to create a “work with us” page tailored to your recruiting needs in just a few minutes.
Compared to version 8.1, some important innovations have been introduced, and they will allow you to implement an even more complete customisation of your page.

Using the drag and drop editor, you can create up to 15 sections as you please; 9 more than the previous version.
Make your page much more dynamic and appealing than before adding a corporate video and a team image.
Besides, you can manage and modulate all the sections as you prefer: in this way you can customise and handle all the elements such as texts, announcements, videos, “About us” part, spontaneous application, and much more, depending on your creativity and your marketing needs.



  • Up to 15 editable sections
  • Corporate video entry
  • Team image insertion
  • Complete freedom of customisation


Role administration

Manage team authorisations more quickly and intuitively!
With the new section dedicated to the roles of the platform, you can immediately have a straightforward overview of the ones assigned to colleagues and so guarantee access for each function of the ATS to your team members.

Now you can organise the hierarchy of corporate user roles, compare the assigned accesses and give or remove access to any feature of the tool as required. In this way, it will be easier to manage complex projects or those shared with many people.
Furthermore, we have added the possibility of cloning an already created role to be much faster to assign custom roles to new team members based on past work.


  • New interface with role comparison
  • Simple and complete hierarchy management
  • Ability to clone roles


Monitor all recruiter actions

Now it is possible to monitor the general statistics relating to all the actions carried out by recruiters. You can also filter them for a range of dates, including the ads created, the appointments set, the candidates hired, the questionnaires devised, the emails sent, etc.
In addition to this, you have an in-depth overview of recruiter activities regarding candidate selection statuses.


  • General statistics on the activities carried out by recruiters
  • Statistics on selection statuses assigned by recruiters to candidates


Interactive questionnaire

Create more complete questionnaires including images!

Include images into the description of the questions and in the options of answers too. Do this using the questionnaire builder and increases the types of questionnaires to be created and administered to the candidates.


  • adding images to the questionnaires


Integration with

Increase the visibility of your ads with! portal is now available into the In-recruiting market place. It will, therefore, be plausible to create paid advertisements to be shared on this popular job posting site.


  • is available on the In-recruiting market place.


Integration of personalized job announcements

Customize the look and feel of the ad list to match the style of your site.

We made available to all customers the JSON code that provides to adapt the graphic style of the list of ads to that of your company website.


  • access to JSON for ad personalization