5 Employer Branding Examples to Attract Performing Employees

5 Employer Branding Examples to Attract Performing Employees

In the modern recruiting scene, candidates aren’t just thinking if they’re a good fit for a company; they’re considering, “Is the company a good fit for me?” They want to know all they can about the culture, their coworkers, the office environment, the possible opportunities for success, and what their lives will be like if they show up there every day.

Often, the decision to choose one company over another or even apply to one company over another comes down to simply how much they understand and relate to the established employer brand.

Here are some examples of successfully implemented Employer Branding campaigns:

 BP’s Interview tips

BP created a cheerful and informative “Candidate Support” video with the goal of elevating some of the stress that accompanies the interviewing process.

By employing friendly animation and cheerful music. The video suggests tips and guidelines help candidates shine in the interview. By showing the before, during, and after the interview stage, candidates can better manage their expectation.

The company’s recruitment video is a useful tool to prepare both applicants at the early stages of their career and those who have not interviewed for some time. But also enabling recruiters to make better use of the interview time, thus leading to deeper conversations.

BP’s effort to show their considerate and caring side for new applicants will payoff directly by attracting candidates and indirectly by helping them shift away from the typical “evil” persona associated with energy corporations.

A Day in the Life of Animal Humane Society

Yes, the cute cats and dogs of this video will bring a tear to your eye. But what really makes this AD special is the honesty.

By doing an excellent job at capturing everything that goes on, the Animal Humane Society video provides a detailed and realistic look at a normal day of work for their employees.This means rolling up your sleeves and doing hard and messy work.

The Ad conveys such a heartwarming Employer branding image that it makes me want to quit my job and work for Animal humane society.

Zulu Alpha Kilo’s Scared Straight out AD

Young adults getting into advertising are so overzealous these days.

Most come in thinking that within a year they’ll be winning their first Cannes Lion as junior creatives and riding the success train to a creative director position. Believing that soon they’ll be making the big bucks, without having to actually work hard at all.

If that’s your plan, this advertising firm would like to have a word with you. A number of words, actually, many of which will be curse words. And they’ll be yelled right at your spoiled face. Because Zulu Alpha Kilo believes that you don’t know the reality of advertising.

The brilliant “Scared Straight” AD isn’t pure satire though. The company was actually looking to satisfy 14 new positions and to underline their commitment to developing young people for the business. With this campaign, the firm was able to attract young talent by showcasing what type personality and thinking they admire to indirectly give shape their desired Employer Brand image. 

Foundation Medicine “I” Am

Having a small advertising budget does not mean you should shy away from Employer branding.

Foundation Medicine’s gentle “I” Am AD is so simple and cost-effective that all you really need is a white board and a decent camera to replicate.

The underlying message that’s being conveyed here is that Each individual’s cancer is unique. Each individual’s story is unique. Just like Each Foundation Medicine employee is unique. It’s a company of unique individuals with the common goal of transforming cancer care.

Empowering uniqueness is the Employer’s brand message here. So naturally attracting people who want to feel special and do brilliant work changing the world, will be easier for this foundation.

“What’s The Matter With Owen?” by General Electric 

This popular GE recruiting campaign has been largely successful. It is meant to shape the perception of GE in the minds of prospective hires. The company wants millennial engineers to come work for them.

The company uses it to establish common ground with their intended target. They accomplish this by communicating three truths.

The first truth is that no one really knows what GE does. This can be seen when Owen’s father passes down to Owen the large hammer Owen’s grandfather used when he laboured in a GE factory. Where in reality GE is so much more than manufacturing facilities, but good luck finding normal people who believe otherwise.

The second truth is that no one really understands what engineers do. Not only do Owen’s parents believe that GE is just a massive industrial plant, they also think their engineer son does something that is distinctly not engineering.

The third truth is the tendency of people to appreciate only what they can understand, no matter how revolutionary or impactful your work is. People will view it as equally as meaningful as an app that puts fruit hats on cats. “Zazzies” says it all.

Everything about these commercials screams “You’ll perfectly fit in with us because we’re just like you. You’re an engineer. We know what that’s like, we’re engineers!”. GE’s intended end is to fuel their ideal Employer Brand persona and drive demand for employment among their targeted prospects.

What you can Recruit from this article:

  • Done right, a compelling story can inspire even the most satisfied employee to consider switching jobs.
  • Putting out useful and informative videos without expecting anything in return is a great way to encourage applicants to come to you by having them see the nurturing and caring side of the company.
  • DO NOT shy away from Employer Branding just because you have a small advertising budget. Be creative and think outside of the box on ways to build and advertise your Employer brand.
  • Show what type talent your company wants to acquire and hire.
  • Reveal what a day in the life at your company looks like, to help applicants make better decisions.