Everything you need for your recruiting process

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Everything you need for your recruiting process

Do twice the work in half the time

Inrecruiting is the most powerful platform for the staff search and selection

Step 1

Create your career page

Career site editor

Create your career page in minutes with the Drag & Drop editor included with Inrecruiting or with our API. You can tell the story of your company, with values and career paths, choose your corporate colours, insert your logo and communicate your Employer Branding.


  • Drag & Drop editor
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multilingual (12 languages)
  • SEO optimisation
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Graphic customisation

With our visual editor you can customise the graphics of your 'Work with us' page to match the graphics on your company website. Career pages are 100% mobile friendly.


  • Configurable layout
  • Dynamic blocks
  • Configurable graphics
  • Ad filters
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Integration of job advertisements

Display open positions within your 'Work with us' page and integrate forms to collect spontaneous applications. Whenever you post an advertisement from Inrecruiting it will also automatically appear on your company website.


  • API integration
  • Ad directory
  • Spontaneous application
  • Geolocation
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Step 2

Publish job ads

Publish job ads

Quickly create a job advertisement, insert attachments and company presentation videos and schedule publication on your site and multiposting channels. Set visibility permissions for colleagues and manage notifications for new applications.


  • Fast publishing
  • Multiposting announcements
  • Suggested candidates
  • Permission management
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Multiposting job ads

Promote your vacancies by posting them with a single click on the main free and paid Job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn, Talent.com, Monster, Infojobs, etc. You will always receive all CVs on Inrecruiting, thus collecting applications in a centralised manner and filling in the same form for all candidates.


  • Job board
  • Paid portals
  • Channel monitoring
  • CV redirect in ATS
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Application forms

Create and 100% customise application forms to be associated with vacancies in order to improve pre-screening for each search. You can use any field type (e.g. text, single selection, multiple selection, date, number, file, etc.) to enrich your DB with structured information. Speed up the filling in of the form by candidates by means of an artificial intelligence system that reads the content of the CV and auto-fills the registration form.


  • Customisable forms
  • Privacy policy
  • Apply with LinkedIn
  • Automatic form filling (AI)
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Social recruiting

With Inrecruiting it is easy to share your advertisements with one click on your social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger. Intercept passive candidates and communicate your Employer branding. Associate each advert with a different image to increase its visibility on social media.


  • Link to company social profiles
  • Social sharing
  • Customisable social image
  • Integration with WhatsApp
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Step 3

Candidate screening

CV database

Create your own centralised CV database with Inrecruiting. Keep track of all your information (CVs, applications, interviews, evaluation forms, feedback and more) and collect it in one place, without having to access different systems, for easy sharing with your recruiting team and line managers.


  • Centralised DB
  • Automatic ranking
  • Candidate assessment
  • CV text search
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Candidate profile

Show in the candidate's profile all useful data on the candidate's history: general information, CV, applications to advertisements, questionnaires, etc. You can create it manually or do it automatically with artificial intelligence. By accessing their reserved area, the candidate can update their data, upload a video CV and other useful documents.


  • Application history
  • Customisable fields
  • GDPR compliance
  • Candidate area
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Candidate search

Find the right candidate within your database using Inrecruiting's search systems. Perform a simple text search (even within the CV file thanks to a powerful parsing system), use Boolean operators or advanced search filters. The algorithm automatically ranks CVs and suggests candidates most in line with open positions. You can exploit the semantic search engine to refine and extend the search to synonyms and similar keywords.


  • Simple and advanced search
  • Boolean search
  • Semantic search (AI)
  • CV ranking and candidate suggestion
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Communication and questionnaires

Communicate with candidates by sending individual emails, newsletters or SMS. Creates and customises pre-screening questionnaires. Administer internationally validated psycho-aptitude tests to individual candidates or associate them with a specific advertisement. Set time limits for test completion and proceed with candidate assessment.


  • Customised questionnaires
  • Email and SMS
  • Killer questions
  • Third-party integration
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Step 4

Choose the right candidate

Planning interviews

Organise interviews with candidates quickly and easily. Schedule appointments in your diary or allow the candidate to choose the date they prefer based on the availability of both. Manage one or more calendars, including your own, and coordinate your agenda with your team's to keep track of appointments.


  • Shared calendar
  • Integration with Outlook, Gmail, iCloud
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Automatic appointment scheduler
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Video interviews

Manage remote selections in both live and delayed mode. Schedule interviews on the integrated live video interview platform on the ATS or take advantage of the integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. View video interviews directly on Inrecruiting also thanks to the integration with tools such as Easyrecrue and Visiotalent.


  • Integrated live video interview platform (Meetin)
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
  • Interview scheduling
  • Calendar synchronisation
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Evaluation forms

Create a structured evaluation process with evaluation forms and interview notes. You can customise and modify their structure according to the role or open position in order to facilitate candidate evaluation. You can view your colleagues' sheets and their evaluations, make your own visible or decide to share them only with certain team members.


  • Multiple templates
  • Customisable skills
  • Appraisal history
  • Sharing of evaluations
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Automatic feedback

Enhance the candidate experience. Provide automatic feedback to candidates, thank them for attending an interview and keep them updated on progress in the hiring pipeline using customised email templates. You can also send instant communications via SMS or customised newsletters at any time during the recruitment process using Inrecruiting's built-in SMS and email system.


  • Automatic communications
  • Integrated SMS and email system (Sendin)
  • Customised templates
  • Candidate experience
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Step 5

Make data-driven decisions


Process and consult reports to optimise recruitment performance. Keep track of recruiting processes and monitor the most important KPIs. With Inrecruiting you can easily export or import data, simplifying migration from other systems (external software or other ATS).


  • Integrated reporting
  • Excel export
  • CSV import
  • Recruitment KPIs
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Candidate source channels

Analyses and compares different recruitment sources: Job boards, career pages, spontaneous applications, social networks, etc. Identify the channels that guarantee the most candidates and evaluate the best ones to optimise your ROI.


  • Effectiveness of job posting
  • Channel performance
  • Conversion rate
  • Statistics
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Database composition

Monitor the composition of your CV database to get a complete overview of your talent pool and a clearer picture of which candidates are in it.


  • Selection statuses
  • Recruited candidates
  • Interviewed candidates
  • Excluded candidates
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Top features

Here are the features that make Inrecruiting the most powerful recruiting software.