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  2. 1: Creating your Career page
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Career page created with In-recruiting

Work with us

With In-recruiting you can build a multilingual career site in less than 10 minutes, without any computer skills. Thanks to our editor, your "Work wtih us" section is completely personalized.

Multiposting in +35 Job boards

Post vacancies using the multiposting

Let your search arrive to the right candidate. Thanks to the power of In-recruiting you can post your jobs into your company website and in more than 35 job boards. So you are never to lose the right candidate just because you picked the wrong job board.

Automatic sorting of your CV | Resume

Automatic sorting of CVs.

To simplify your work, CVs ordering themselves according to the criteria of your choice, thanks to our proprietary algorithm ranking. So you stop being flooded with CVs, you save time and you can focus in choosing the right candidate for your company. It's nice to save time and focus exclusively on the choice of the best candidate.

Smart search

Candidate search

We know that finding the important information at the right time is vital to your work. That is why our search tool is designed to be the fastest. Not only it is able to search the text into CV attached, but it also offers suggestions, synonyms and candidates alike. In this way we can guarantee the + 50% speed increase in your search.

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting

The best talents are now connected on Social Networks. With our social posting feature, you have the security to reach them with your vacancies on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. See an interesting profile? Our Social Clipper can import the profile into In-recruiting with a simple click.

Centralized candidates management

Centralized candidates management

Remember how much time you have lost send CVs by e-mail and to organize them into confused Excel tables? With In-recruiting, you forever eliminate these hassles. Any information on the candidates is available conveniently in the dashboard, so you're sure to track all activities relating to the recruiting.

Platform of collaborative work

Platform of collaborative work

With In-recruiting you can manage the entire recruiting process with colleagues, sharing information on the candidates, assigning tasks and sharing the calendar (integrated with Outlook and Google Calendar). So you can follow the progress of the selection process involving all members of the team in charge of recruiting.

Creating your Career page

Attracting the best candidates can be a challenge, and one of the things you need to take care of is your Employer Branding and making your company attractive. In-recruiting makes this process very simple. In a few minutes you can create your “Work with us” page for your company website. Integrated into the page functionality are your open vacancies and the form for candidates so that any submitted CVs will automatically be added to your database and be immediately available.

Integrating In-recruiting with your "Work with us" page

Even if you already have a "Work with us" page in your company site you can make it even more efficient by integrating it with our Applicant Tracking System. It’s very easy: when you publish a vacancy on your In-recruiting platform, it will also automatically appear on your company website and any CVs you receive will be immediately available and organised in line with the new vacancy. You can also create a "Work with us" section on your Facebook page, so you can keep engage with interesting executives and possible candidates, building a relationship so that they are interested in your company, rather than your competitors, when they decide to change company.

Customising your graphics

Do you want your Career page to convey the values of your company brand? With In-recruiting it’s possible to change your company image: you can choose the company colours, insert your logo and also post videos. Your "Work with us" page can become a marketing tool to attract the best candidates.

100% Mobile friendly

Your company website becomes 100% mobile-friendly, visible on any device (including smartphones and tablets). Candidates can submit for vacancies wherever they are published and can also submit their CVs through Google Drive or Dropbox.

Integra In-recruiting con il tuo Lavora con noi

Anche se hai già una sezione Lavora con noi nel tuo sito aziendale puoi renderla più efficace integrandola con il nostro Applicant Tracking System in modo davvero semplice. Ogni volta che pubblichi un annuncio da In-recruiting apparirà in automatico anche sul tuo sito e i CV che ricevi saranno sempre ordinati e subito disponibili. E per una presenza ancora più costante puoi creare una sezione Lavora con noi all’interno della tua pagina Facebook. Così rimani in contatto con i professionisti più interessanti del tuo settore che ti preferiranno ai tuoi competitors quando vorranno cambiare azienda.

Publish vacancies with Multiposting

Attract the best candidates by automatically publishing your job vacancies on more than 35 free Job boards, including the best paid for Job boards. This increases the visibility of your vacancies and the number of applications that you will receive: all of the applicants will be always redirected from the multiposting sites to In-recruiting. It’s also easy to create attractive vacancies that immediately convey your brand; our templates are pre-set and can be filled out by anyone in a short time.

Import CVs with one click

With In-recruiting your candidate database grows constantly without any effort. You can import individual CVs manually, or your complete company database. Thanks to the Email Gateway you have an email address for every vacancy that you create: all the of the received CVs are automatically imported to your database.

Find new candidates with Social recruiting

The executives you would like in your company are not always looking for work. It’s often difficult to find them, but through the main Social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or G+) you can begin to engage with them using In-recruiting. You share a post, and your job ads become viral. Also, with the new Social Clipper feature, you can import their profiles from their social networks with one click. Contacting potential candidates becomes quick and effective.

Create your centralised candidates database

The heart of our software is the creation of your own, structured CV database. Your recruitment process is organised in a single place: you will have the necessary information at hand, never losing any data, because everything is traceable on your dashboard. You can constantly add and modify the candidate profiling fields to adapt the software to your needs.

Speed up your screening

Real talent are the first to find work: that’s why recruiting is a matter of speed. Using our advertising feature you can save up to 80% of your time, so you’ll get to executives quicker than your competitors. With our algorithm you can search inside the text of CVs, in every database field in the comments made by your colleagues and you can also use logic operators and semantic research (for advanced users only). In addition, you can organise profiles with tags and folders to suit you.

Use automatically ordered CVs

We want our Applicant Tracking System to be as useful as possible. You can set the filters of your searches and it will automatically organise the CVs, optimising the pre-screening phase of all the applicants. With In-recruiting you can immediately focus on the most promising candidates, without wasting time on applications that would be rejected at a later stage.

Provide punctual feedback to the candidates

If a candidate doesn’t receive feedback after an interview, it’s not a very good example of your company and could compromise your reputation. However we also know that giving feedback is a time-consuming activity where there are a lot of candidates. Now you can use a tool to simplify all of that. You can send an automatic notification with the conclusion of the interview: you simply change the the selection status and the message will be automatically sent.

Give video interviews a try

You can meet the candidates on the web with individual or group meetings, wherever they are. To check their practical skills, to test them under pressure and to verify the communicative skills. Would you like to reduce the amount of time the selection process takes? With our video interview system it’s possible: you simply insert the questions for the candidates and they answer within a time limit (using just a computer and webcam), leaving you to evaluate the video when it suits you.

Conduct valuation tests

Choosing the wrong candidate can be a waste of time and money. If you want to make the right choice, it helps to rely on scientifically validated instruments. Your HR team can test candidates, or you can use our internationally validated test software.

Stay in touch with messaging

Do you want to stay in touch with the candidates involved in the selection process? With the messaging function you’ll forget the days when you had an inbox full of emails! You communicate with the candidates in real time, when it suits you, alternatively using SMS or mass e-mails (e.g. when you need to organise assessments). It’s simple to communicate with candidates using the pre-set templates for the most common operations (e.g. invitations to interviews, candidate feedback, organising test presentations) you just have to choose the right template.

Keep track of everything

Use our Analytics feature to keep track of all the data related to your recruiting process. You'll be able to analyse the different sources of recruitment, evaluate which channels guarantee more applicants and optimise your ROI.

Data export

With the Data Export feature it’s just a few clicks to export the most significant data for your analysis. You can quickly export the applicant profiles in a full or synthetic format, also the CVs and the completed questionnaires.


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