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McDonald’s Italy increases its candidate applications by 50% with In-recruiting

since 2019
with In-recruiting 
24.000 employees


McDonald’s Italy

McDonald’s is a top tier brand in the global  Food&Beverage sector. Since its inception in the 1950s, McDonald's has expanded its restaurant chain internationally with numerous branches and franchises. . McDonald’s Italy now has about 600 restaurants throughout the country and 24,000 employees who, every day, work with passion and enthusiasm to represent the McDonald's brand in front of about one million customers. The company takes care not only of its customers but also of its employees, with specific processes in place for the search and selection of new personnel. In 2019 McDonald's Italy decided to make the switch to In-recruiting for its Talent Acquisition software to manage the company's internal search and selection activities. 

Elena Giordano

Elena Giordano

Talent and Staff Lead

"The strength of In-recruiting is its ease of use, flexibility and the ability to integrate with other systems”.  

McDonald's Italia were looking for a new Applicant Tracking System because they wanted a software in place that would not only manage the internal selection process, but which was also easy to use and would be easily integrated with other systems. Previously the McDonald's Italy's recruitment activity was managed externally. Consequently, HR could not directly monitor the process, they did not know the candidates and their experience, and they did not have access to data.

In-recruiting allowed McDonald's Italy to increase the number of candidates who responded to job advertisements by more than 50%. This goal was achieved because the company was able to monitor the selection process and keep track of important recruiting parameters and metrics to guide the HR choices. 

With numerous job opportunities and personalized registration forms to segment applications, McDonald's Italy is able to intercept the best candidates to expand its work team. To date, 55% of McDonald's employees are under the age of 29 and have specific, dedicated paths for their improvement and rapid professional growth. This demonstrates the continuous attention and care that McDonald's attributes to its people: from customers, to employees, to new hires.


that McDonald's Italy finds the most beneficial

Among the features most appreciated by McDonald's Italy is the dedicated space to analyse the candidate data and internal tracking of the selection process. The significant visibility of the data allows McDonald's Italy to more easily orient their recruiting strategies to attract and hire the right candidates.


The main differences in the McDonald's Italy recruitment approach

  • Externally managed selection process 
  • Lack of visibility of data 
  • Lack of knowledge of candidates and their selection experience
  • Internally managed recruiting process
  • Easy to use system  
  • Great flexibility
  • Integration with other systems 
  • Data analysis  
  • Internal monitoring 

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