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Cellularline has been operating in the telecommunications sector for over 25 years. They are well known nationally and internationally for the production of accessories for smartphones and tablets. Cellularline was initially engaged only in the production of mobile phone products but they have now consolidated their brand in Italy and the distribution of their products abroad. Their commitment to develop innovative technological solutions is married with their continuous search for passionate and talented professionals to join their team. For this reason, and to make the recruiting process more organised and efficient, Cellularline adopted In-recruiting, the software for Talent Acquisition.

Annalisa Bafile

Annalisa Bafile

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"The added value of In-recruiting is the possibility of methodically structuring a hiring process

Before adopting the ATS In-recruiting, Cellularline managed the search and selection process through storage folders on their server. This activity, in addition to requiring a lot of time, was also expensive and made the recruiting process disorderly. The need to optimise time management and make the hiring process more efficient prompted the company to integrate the In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System


that Cellularline find the most beneficial

In-recruiting has made the hiring process within Cellularline more structured, orderly and digitised. Now the company has a single pool into which all applications can be automatically merged, including - for example - those received from its LinkedIn page. This is due to In-recruiting's functionality to easily build, customise and integrate the Career Page with its company pages to encourage social recruiting. Among the CVs collected centrally In-recruiting also helped Cellularline to qualify the applications: the percentage of CVs not in line with the requirements in the announcements was reduced with the effect of also making future searches more effective. 


The main differences in the Cellularline recruitment approach

  • Disorganised and expensive process 
  • Time management difficulties 
  • Storage in folders on the servers 
  • More structured and orderly hiring process
  • Collect all CVs in one place 
  • Qualification of the submitted applications 
  • Career Page integration with In-recruiting

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