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With numerous locations in Piedmont and Liguria and among the top 5 players in the industry, BIAUTO GROUP, which in 2021 will reach the milestone of 100 years of activity, is a constantly growing group that accompanies its customers in the purchase of a new car among the many brands of which it is the official dealer: BMW and MINI, Jaguar and Land Rover, Mercedes and Smart, Volkswagen and used multi-brand. To affirm its reality and reputation in the automotive sector, BIAUTO GROUP selects the best professional talents offering a digitized selection process and a smart application experience thanks to In-recruiting.

To lead the company towards the adoption of the Applicant Tracking System In-recruiting, we have already been using ATS for over 10 years, was the need to adopt a comprehensive tool capable of managing all phases of recruiting that combines the speed of sending the application with the equally rapid evaluation of the same by the recruiter. Moreover, the dispersion of curricula is avoided thanks to an integrated, highly intuitive system that is constantly calibrated on the user experience, instead of sending them to an email address.

There are also benefits in terms of corporate brand visibility. Job vacancies are now prominently displayed on the company's career page and the visibility of ads is facilitated by the possibility of multi-posting. Candidates can easily fill in personalised application forms and, recently, even record a video CV, either for specific job opportunities or as a spontaneous application for future needs.

Claudio Musso

Claudio Musso

Recruiting Specialist

"It is a software that makes virtually the whole process of research and selection: from advertising to the induction of the resource. It is an excellent travel companion that leads to the interview, when two worlds meet and know each other in a common exchange of information, that in BIAUTO GROUP we live with enthusiasm and curiosity. Will not exist for us, at the end of a selection process, suitable or unsuitable candidates. If anything, candidates closer or further away (which does not mean: not valid) than the technical and human characteristics required by the profile sought

Thanks to In-recruiting, BIAUTO GROUP has doubled the value of many recruiting metrics. Now the company has a structured and digitized selection process; it can check at a glance the status of the selections on the Hiring Pipeline and easily manage priorities and criticalities. Difficulties in filing have given way to a single channel for receiving, validating and evaluating applications. It is also a tool that helps the entire search and selection funnel but does not replace human and face-to-face contact. Because each application is a world to be discovered. "One of the added values of this ATS," says Claudio Musso, "is the solidity of its functions and, like our MINI, the high possibility of customising functions to take account of the client's specific needs.

In addition to this, continues Claudio Musso, "the ATS also helps in terms of brand reputation because, for example, the candidate can view the concrete opportunities open in the Group and its various locations and send his application with just a few clicks, thus dispelling the unreachability of some companies. It is unfortunate that we cannot respond to everyone, given the high number of applications received, but here too, thanks to the personalisation of the system, it is possible to send a message indicating that the application has been received. The automotive market, as it is experienced in BIAUTO GROUP, is increasingly digitalizing, both in terms of internal processes and an increasingly strong web presence. HR is also going in this direction but without sacrificing the human relationship.


most valued by BIAUTO GROUP

There are also benefits in terms of visibility of the company brand. Now the job offers are well in view on the career page of the company and the visibility of the ads is facilitated by the possibility of publishing in multiposting. Candidates can easily fill in personalised application forms and, recently, even record a video CV, either for specific job opportunities or as a spontaneous application for future needs.

The customization of the application form is a very useful feature for multi-location companies like BIAUTO GROUP, not only because it allows recruiters to categorize applications according to the geographical area chosen by the candidate, but also because it allows to enhance all the profiles, even in the near future, in the search phase and make the recruiting experience positive. It is also worth mentioning the successful experience of customising the form during Career Days organised at Group offices.


I principali motivi che hanno cambiato il recruiting di BIAUTO GROUP


  • Difficulties in archiving CVs
  • Unstructured HR plan
  • Low visibility of job offers


  • Single channel for application management
  • Highly visible career page and customised application forms 
  • Monitoring of selections with the hiring pipeline

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