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The importance of software integration in complex organisations



For large companies such as Bofrost Italia that have over 2000 employees and 50 branches countrywide it is essential to have HR software that is adapted to their scale and complexity. Bofrost needed tools that would operate well in their complex structure, and also deliver results for their specific search and selection requirements.

In Bofrost, search and selection is managed centrally for the first stages, and then the final selection stages are delegated to the various Italian branches. By adopting In-recruiting, the company was able to manage all applications in a single ATS and, at the same time, monitor the entire recruiting process.

Bofrost Italia is a well-know company throughout Italy, providing direct sale and home distribution of frozen food products. With numerous employees and branches throughout Italy, the company decided to adopt the In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System to improve upon the previous search and selection process.

Mariaelena Pascatti - Bofrost

Mariaelena Pascatti

HR Specialist

"The biggest difficulty was the fact that the previous ATS was not integrated with most of the recruitment portals we use, so we found ourselves having to manage a significant volume of applications outside the ATS

In-recruiting easily integrates with third party software and with all the main recruitment search portals and allows centralised management of all received applications. 

Bofrost Italia benefited from the central management but also the ease of integration of In-recruiting and the ability to customize the software. These benefits led to saving time, budget and better organization of work.


that bofrost*find the most beneficial

Multiposting and statistics have had a significant impact on the reduction of time and costs. With a single click Multiposting publishes the job announcement on different portals reaching a good share of candidates in the workforce (about 36% of candidates come from Indeed's organic traffic). The statistics provided by In-recruiting, including preparation of half-yearly reports, help the company to evaluate whether, and in which, paid portals to invest.

Addressing the most significant challenge at Bofrost: managing a complex organizational structure, In-recruiting helps by only assigning access to necessary features, according to roles within the company. This management along with the permissions that can be set for each announcement, allow each manager to view only the candidates of their branch.


The main differences in the bofrost* recruitment approach


  • Lack of integration with the main recruitment search portals
  • Application management even outside the ATS
  • Lack of a feature like Multiposting


  • Centralised management of all applications
  • Publication of advertisements in Multiposting
  • Control of the organizational network by managing company roles and permissions
  • Integration with the main recruitment search portals


since 2019
with In-recruiting 
+ 2.000
Food and beverage

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