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Artemest is an online marketplace dedicated to the sale of luxury design products in the furniture, lighting, home decoration and lifestyle categories. Each piece is handmade by specialised contemporary design artisans and artists. The platform helps the designers to reach art lovers, connoisseurs and collectors on the global market. Artemest have a particularly active international presence and are therefore committed to building a dynamic and passionate international team. To optimise the management of the search and selection process, they adopted Talent Acquisition software from In-recruiting.

Angela Cariano

Angela Cariano

HR Specialist

"It's an intuitive, usable platform with a support team that's always available

"The most important motivation for adopting this platform was to optimise the selection process in general, allowing me personally to save time and permit me to dedicate myself to more strategic activities", says Angela Cariano, HR Specialist at Artemest.

Previously, Artemest's search and selection process was not very linear and required a lot of time investment. This was mainly due to the need to navigate between different portals to monitor the arrival of CVs from various channels. The Job Posting activity was carried out individually on different portals and consequently the applications were collected separately (websites, university portals, email) creating difficulty in the CV screening phase.

There were also problems with internal collaboration and management between the Hiring Managers. In general, the selection process could not be monitored digitally: to keep track of recruiting activities it was necessary to resort to tools such as Excel files and Google sheets, that were updated manually.


that Artemest find the most beneficial

Artemest adopted the In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System to manage their recruitment activities because they wanted to optimise their selection process in terms of time and linearity, also improve their internal collaboration and better manage the status of their searches

In-recruiting provides the ability to manage selections in a digital and centralised way with the knock-on effect of saving of time. Among the resources offered by In-recruiting, Artemest most appreciated the creation and personalisation of their corporate Career Page and Multiposting. Specifically, Multiposting enables the user to publish job offers on multiple job portals with a simple click and to manage CV screening within a single system, regardless of the channel of origin of the application.


The main differences in the Artemest recruitment approach

  • Publication of vacancies on individual portals
  • Multiple destinations for collecting applications
  • Non-linear process 
  • Manual tracking of the selection process
  • Difficulty managing collaboration within the team  
  • Career Page creation 
  • Publication of vacancies using Multiposting 
  • Digital and centralised management 
  • Time saving 
  • Optimisation of the hiring process  

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