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Italdesign is a leading company in the automotive sector worldwide. Since 1968, it offers services dedicated to the development of new vehicles and industrial products working in close contact with car manufacturers. It provides consultancy to clients for the entire development cycle of a vehicle, or just for some parts, and is particularly appreciated for its innovative imprint both in terms of style and engineering. This factor makes it a competitive company in its target market and, for this reason, Italdesign is committed to the continuous search for talent that can contribute to the company's growth. To carry out this activity, in 2019 Italdesign has chosen to manage the recruiting process with a Talent Acquisition software as In-recruiting.

Francesca Maritano

Francesca Maritano

HR Business Partner

"The added value of In-recruiting is its being a unique, user-friendly platform, easily accessible by all actors involved in selection "

Before adopting In-recruiting, Italdesign used another management system to carry out its search and selection activities. This system, however, was not easy to use: in addition to the non-intuitive use of the software, the graphic interface was not very effective.
With the aim of making the selection process more agile and faster, Italdesign adopted In-recruiting, an intuitive Applicant Tracking System, easy to use and equipped with a modern and constantly updated interface for a constant improvement of the user experience.

the features

most valued bye Italdesign

Grazie ad In-recruiting, il processo di ricerca e selezione viene gestito in modo più veloce e strutturato: non solo le candidature vengono amministrate con maggiore rapidità ma l’interfaccia grafica e le funzioni del software permettono di seguire tutto il processo di selezione in modo più chiaro e fluido.  

Tra le principali funzionalità utilizzate da Italdesign, il multiposting permette di pubblicare annunci di lavoro su diversi siti e portali dedicati al lavoro e di avere visibilità su più canali contemporaneamente. Inoltre, è possibile somministrare questionari, tenere traccia dei dati, condividere facilmente i curricula con gli altri referenti aziendali coinvolti nella selezione e inviare feedback ai candidati. Questi ultimi hanno la possibilità di accedere al sistema grazie ai differenti livelli di accesso predisposti da In-recruiting (azienda, candidato, utente esterno).  

Thanks to In-recruiting, the process of search and selection is managed in a faster and more structured way: not only the applications are administered more quickly, but the graphical interface and the functions of the software allow to follow the entire selection process in a clearer and more fluid way.
Among the main functionalities used by Italdesign, the multiposting allows to publish job announcements on different sites and portals dedicated to the job and to have visibility on more channels at the same time. Moreover, it is possible to administer questionnaires, keep track of data, easily share resumes with other company representatives involved in the selection process and send feedback to candidates. Candidates have the possibility to access the system thanks to the different access levels provided by In-recruiting (company, candidate, external user).


The main steps that have changed the Italdesign recruiting process

  • Difficulty in managing the selection process
  • Need to speed up the process
  • Unintuitive system
  • Structured management of the recruiting process
  • Improved graphical and user-friendly interface
  • Speed
  • Multiposting
  • Collaboration with the team
  • Questionnaires
  • Candidate Feedback
  • Candidate Access

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