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Edge - Eurosearch Consultants 

A division of Eurosearch Consultants, Edge focus on hiring for specialist and middle management positions. They’re especially competitive in the Search and Selection industry because they pay a lot of attention to optimising their search processes. Given this they have found the integrated management of processes with In-recruiting highly beneficial, particularly: centralising their applications in a single – cloud based – space, monitoring the flow of their searches, and improving the publication of their announcements.

Livilla Cattaneo

Livilla Cattaneo 

HR Consultant & Head Hunter

"The chance to customise, a manageable cost, and the continuous improvement of the platform

Livilla Cattaneo, HR Consultant & Head Hunter at Edge explains that prior to adopting In-recruiting, Edge managed the hiring of specialist and middle management candidates through direct research and the publication of announcements on the main sites. All of the applications received from the different sites and portals were then stored in separate databases.

Consequently this process required constant monitoring, of the sites and the announcements, to verify that CVs were actually being received. This was a long and manually dependent process for Edge, but also the candidates, who could not directly upload their CV to a dedicated portal. 

The decision to adopt the ATS In-recruiting allowed Edge to implement an integrated management of the recruitment process together with a centralised database.

Now, with In-recruiting, the search for specialist and middle management candidates, is supervised by experts and professionals, and also guided by an innovative tool that provides high quality qualitative results for the searches.


that Edge find the most beneficial

Edge are now able to enhance their clients’ talent pools and quickly find the best hires through using: multi-posting, immediate collection of CVs and basic information, the opportunity to add ad-hoc applications, and the internal database searches with specific keywords and filters.


The main differences in the Edge recruitment approach

  • Stand-alone database
  • Difficulty in centralizing all applications in a single cloud space
  • Individual research and publication of advertisements on job sites
  • Opportunity to centralize all applications in a single database in the cloud
  • Opportunità to manage the flow of searches and Multiposting in an integrated way
  • Internal search by keywords and filters


since 2019
with In-recruiting 
11-50 employees
Human Resources

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