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ArredissimA is an Italian company specialized in furnishing solutions for all areas of the house (kitchens, living rooms and sofas, bedrooms, bedrooms and bathroom furniture) that can satisfy many tastes and needs.

Set up as Nord Est Ingrosso Mobili in 1995, the company has undertaken a path of growth that led it in 2008 to change its name to ArredissimA. Thanks to this development process, over the years it has expanded its offer with 18 stores in Italy in order to strengthen the relationship with customers and the services dedicated to them.

The Italy project also continues with plans to open in another 5 cities.

Caring about customer relations, ArredissimA invests heavily on the quality of products and the selection and training of its employees. Precisely for this reason, from December 2020, has chosen the ATS In-recruiting to better manage the process of research and selection.

Elisa Valentini

Elisa Valentini

HR Manager

"Thanks to In-recruiting we have saved a lot of time in the various steps of the selection process, automating several steps and creating a unique database of CVs on which we can perform very accurate statistical analysis.”

What drove ArredissimA towards the adoption of an Applicant Tracking System such as In-recruiting, was the need to have a system capable of automating the publication of job ads and the receipt of applications. Previously, the company managed the selection process manually, posting job ads on individual portals and job boards. This procedure, in addition to requiring a lot of time and energy from the recruiter, created problems in the management of applications: it was difficult to collect CVs from all the channels used and, therefore, it happened that resumes were dispersed and/or replicated.


Most valued by ArredissimA

The integration of In-recruiting has allowed ArredissimA to manage the selection process in an automated and centralized way, thus speeding up many of the typical steps of this process. Among the most used features of In-recruiting, the multiposting has allowed to publish ads simultaneously on websites and portals dedicated to the job while the centralized database has improved the ability of the the company to collect and store CVs from all channels in use. In addition, communication tools, such as the ability to send quick messages to candidates (templates), and others for monitoring statistics, combined with a user-friendly interface, have helped ArredissimA to achieve important goals: almost 20000 CVs in 12 months and 225 new hires!


The main steps that have changed ArredissimA's recruiting process

  • Manual management of the selection process
  • Separate publication of job ads on individual portals
  • Large amount of time spent on low value-added activities
  • Dispersion of CVs from different channels
  • Multi-posting of job ads
  • Improved time management
  • Unique database
  • Monitoring of data and statistics

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