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Atena Spa is an Italian human resources training and development company which has been developing training courses for companies, professionals and individuals since 2003. The company is well-known in the field of funded training and has over 20 branches in different regions. In addition to their commitment in the field of training, with Atena Job, they also offer search and selection services, supporting companies in the search for qualified personnel and supporting candidates in the search for a new job. Since 2018 Atena Job has used the In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System to optimise search and selection activities and manage effective matching between companies and candidates.

Paola Piccinotti - Atena

Paola Piccinotti

Project  Manager

“We needed to save time in the publication of ads, collect applications in a single portal and optimize the selection process making it unique for evert recruiter” 

"In-recruiting is easy to use, compatible with the main portals on the market and able to integrate with pre-existing company tools to improve their functionality. They also provide fast and impeccable assistance" explains Paola Piccinotti, Project Manager with Atena.

Before adopting the ATS In-recruiting, Atena Job's search and selection process was not very effective and was not well structured. The job advertisements were published individually on different portals, free and paid, and this took a long time because it was necessary to duplicate the advertisement for each site or portal. Furthermore, the use of numerous channels made it difficult to receive and collect applications and, consequently, also to screen CVs and share profiles with the various members of the HR team.


that Atena finds the most beneficial

In-recruiting has made the management of the recruiting process more effective and faster, optimising the search and selection work carried out by the Human resources professionals at Atena Job. Since introducing In-recruiting the company has exponentially increased the number of applications received and handled and shortened CV screening time. They have also made use of the statistical data that is available within the In-recruiting platform to optimise their investment in paid portals. 

In addition to the section dedicated to statistics, In-recruiting can also integrate with the company website, which makes the publication of job advertisements automatic. The other features that are high value to Atena Job are the integration with the main paid portals in order to publish ads much faster and the ability to customise the application status, based on the ad or the candidate, depending on internal needs. 


The main differences in the Atena recruitment approach

  • Long and ineffective recruitment process

  • Repeated publication of advertisements on individual portals (free and paid)
  • Receipt of applications from multiple channels 
  • Difficulty managing the screening activity
  • Problems of sharing and collaboration with the team
  • Faster and more effective selection process

  • Automatic publication of job advertisements
  • Publication of advertisements on the main free and paid portals (Multiposting)
  • Integration with the company website and other tools in use
  • Faster Cv screening
  • Statistical data analysis 

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