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Since 2001, beanTech has been collaborating with companies that are facing the challenge of Digital Transformation. Specialised in the research and integration of IT solutions, beanTech helps companies to embark on a path of growth and innovation using digital technologies. The company provides services tailored for different sectors with great attention to their customers, their business and the possibility of improving their operation with the right tools. To achieve these goals, beanTech has adopted the In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage and organise its search and selection process.

Andrea Pitussi

Andrea Pitussi

HR Manager

"The added value of In-recruiting is the flexibility and dynamism of the tool”.

Before adopting the recruiting software, beanTech managed the selection process manually and this caused several problems, particularly with searching CVs. There were no tags to identify the candidates so it was difficult to find the most interesting or relevant candidates. It was also difficult to reconstruct the relationship with a candidate, trace the history of their activities and manage the KPIs.


that beanTech find the most beneficial

Working with In-recruiting, beanTech has digitised the management of their search and selection process. The tool made it possible to manage the entire selection process in a structured and efficient way, reducing time investment and facilitating all activities. beanTech have experienced improved communication and efficiency in the organisation between all the roles involved in the recruiting process, from managers to the HR department.

By using the multiposting feature of the software beanTech managed more than 100 hires with 10 separate searches running concurrently. The average time required, from opening the position to hiring, was just a few weeks.

The statistics with KPIs have led to the constant monitoring of applications, reducing time and costs with evidence behind each decision.

Over time the database has also populated and the candidate profiles have been more fully complete making future searches even easier and more effective with quick and easy to access information.

To obtain these results, the company has exploited some of the main features of the In-recruiting software: the ability to publish on external pages and on the website, advanced search tools, assignment of tags and search status to candidates, simplified sharing of applications within the organization, scheduling appointments and communicating with candidates, interview notes with the ability to customize the privacy of the content, statistics to manage and monitor KIPIs and automated feedback upon closing the position.


The main differences in the beanTech recruitment approach

  • Manual management of the recruiting process
  • Problems searching for CVs
  • Absence of tags   
  • Lack of visible profiling leveles
  • Difficulty in tracing the history of the candidates' activities and KPIs
  • Orderly and structured management of the recruiting process
  • Research tools 
  • Tagging candidate profiles 
  • Creation of profiled users 
  • Schedule appointments and share with candidates
  • KPI management 
  • Interview notes 

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