The 6 benefits of recruiting automation

The 6 benefits of recruiting automation

Recruiting automation is nothing more than the ability to automate certain tasks to improve various stages of the recruiting process. Let’s find out how to implement it and what the benefits are for recruiters, candidates, and the company itself.

The recruiter’s activity has a major impact on business growth and is anything but simple. In particular, recruiters experience two main concerns:

  • not being able to close selections on time
  • being replaced by the machine

How many times have you said “I need to save time,” “I need to speed up the recruiting process,” “This selection took me way too much energy”? As a recruiter, it will have happened to you often, and this is true whether you work alone or in a team, in a large company or a small one.

From many sources we then also hear about the artificial intelligence that will replace the recruiter-a fear that leads to questions about the fate of one’s job and on which many analyses have tried to shed light by showing that the roles potentially affected would be those engaged in sequential and repetitive tasks that could otherwise be done much more quickly.

The likelihood of failing to close selections and being replaced by a machine has to do with the recruiter’s ability to manage his or her time. A study by CareerBuilder shows that on average a recruiter spends 8 working hours per week on low-value-added activities. If a recruiter wants to take on a more strategic role, he or she needs to leverage technology and automate some tasks. This will allow them to be more thorough and effective while greatly improving processes.

Let’s look in this article at 6 reasons why to use recruiting automation and how, concretely, it will help you streamline your work and improve … your life. At least your professional one.


Reduce the time it takes to post job ads

Automation speeds up job posting. Not only does it help improve the impact of the texts describing the proposed job, but it also encourages multiposting. ATS software like Inrecruiting allows you to post your job offer with a single click on so many job boards, portals, and job sites, without wasting too much time.


As is evident, automation has numerous advantages not only in improving the work of recruiters and considerably reducing the time they have to devote to tedious and repetitive tasks, but it can affect, by widening the radius, a company’s talent attraction, employer branding and reputation. Aspects that are not trivial in a job market like today’s that moves between Great Resignation, rediscovery of personal purpose and the desire for a two-way relationship between company and workers. Today’s job seekers, as we know, value several aspects that are not just about salary and proximity to where they live, but about becoming part of a company they can feel proud of.

Speed up CV screening

Recruiting automation helps speed up one of the most tedious phases of the job such as screening candidates’ CVs. Did you know that each recruiter on average spends 23 hours, or almost a full day, on every single hire? Add to that the fact that almost 88 percent of the CVs are far from matching what is being sought.

Automation can certainly lend a big hand, thanks to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to speed up this stage of the process. In the case of Inrecruiting, for example, customized application forms allow recruiters to introduce specific fields that will be useful in simplifying CV screening. In addition, you have a Boolean search system that makes it faster and more effective to search the DB directly for candidates, and a semantic engine. With artificial intelligence technology such as Inda, it is possible to identify not only precise keywords in candidates’ CVs but also their synonyms, thus increasing the accuracy of the search.

video interview

Automation can also help speed up the analysis of applications through automatic scoring and ranking systems for CVs, as well as through an AI system that can suggest candidates similar to those obtained as a result of the search performed.

Better organise and plan interviews

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a personal assistant at your disposal who would take care of notifying candidates of interview moves, change of venue, or send that necessary questionnaire for you to proceed with the process?
Those mentioned are just a few of the activities that concern HR and their relationship with candidates, all of which, thanks to recruiting automation, can become faster and, above all, less time-consuming. With recruiting software, one can schedule a job interview, synchronize personal and work calendars, share the agenda with one’s colleagues to simplify the organization of appointments in a way that respects the availability of colleagues and HR managers, send reminders, change the schedule, and much more. And all with a handful of clicks.

In addition, with an automated scheduler system such as Inrecruiting’s, it is possible to defer to the candidate to choose the date on which they prefer to interview (even scheduled on Teams or Meet), which benefits the candidate experience.

Take better care of candidates and the candidate experience

A positive candidate experience is not only satisfying for recruiters and candidates, but also helps to fill the vacancy in the company, increasing the chances of successful selection by up to 40 percent. Not to forget, then, that before sending in an application, a person inquires about the company, senses its culture, and begins to take an interest in it, so for both HR and those working in marketing and communications, these are important tests.

For this to be the case, of course, the person must feel comfortable throughout the candidate journey: an unsatisfactory experience could, in fact, dissuade him or her from applying for positions that are open and in line with his or her background, or drive him or her away from the company (even as a customer) altogether.

A poorly handled interview or overly impersonal communication also risks triggering a chain process. Why? Because 55 percent of people who read a negative review about a company decide not to apply (source: Future of recruiting).
All of this is not to be overlooked at all, and automation can come to recruiters through systems that allow them to keep track of every interaction, sending automatic feedback for example and not making the person feel neglected and so much more.

Different types of communications can be automated: confirmation of registration to an ad, receipt of a CV, progress through the various stages of the process…but one must also personalize these messages.

Timely communication as well as communication based on a welcoming tone of voice lets the person on the other end know that there is full attention to him or her, that the candidate is not just a number, and that you respect his or her time and interest in the company.

Reduce cognitive bias

Making completely objective assessments is not always easy, let’s face it. This is because, even unknowingly, each of us has biases, perhaps related to our personal history, experiences, and so on. Thanks to automation, it is possible to reduce them. One way is, for example, blind recruiting.

Using an artificial intelligence system such as Inda also helps to anonymize CVs, hide sensitive data, and ensure that selection is based on the candidate’s real skills and qualities and not on his or her demographics, gender, background, or other data.

Monitor the principal KPIs

Every recruiter’s goal should be to spend 20 percent of his or her time collecting data and 80 percent of his or her time interpreting and analyzing it to make thoughtful decisions. The reality, especially when not supported by an automated system, is a bit more complex and you risk exactly the opposite!

An ATS equipped to analyze key recruiting metrics helps recruiters become more aware of the effectiveness of their strategies. Inrecruiting, for example, provides a system for tracking processes and KPIs such as time to hire, time to fill, candidate source channels, etc.

Automation, with all that we just mentioned, allows you to speed up the various steps and do it efficiently and effectively. Find out how to do this with Inrecruiting.