Push your HR team into the future

Our technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows to automate recruiters and HR' repetitive tasks by enhancing the search for candidates, optimizing the entire research and selection process in which they are involved. We analyze and value in real time the CV database and announcements to bring out useful data for the recruiter to identify the best talents.


Pubblicazione annunci di lavoro

Virtual assistant

It gives suggestions of writing for job offers based on semantic search. 

Ricerca semantica

Intelligent screening 

The algorithm facilitates the screening activity of candidates thanks to the ability to interpret text semantic meaning.  

Feedback automatici candidati

Predictive HR Analytics

Throughout the study of Big Data we are able to run predictive analysis for the best candidate in your database. 

Write efficient offers in a short period of time

The writing of a job offer is a fundamental step for the recruiter: it requires a lot of time and often doesn’t give the expected result. 

The semantic technology studies the frequency and correlation between words inserted in job offers, interprets data and suggests the most appropriated word , like a real Virtual assistant.

The predictive analysis, throughout  the study of Big Data, gives a valuation on the real efficiency of published offers. It allows the recruiter to improve its future offers’ performance and attract a huge number of candidates.

Intelligent screening

Finding the right curriculum requires a lot of time and is very complex: a CV search based only on keywords is not often efficient because it doesn’t identify synonyms used by candidates or the same word but written in another language. 

In-recruiting uses artificial intelligence, particularly the Natural Language Processing (NLP), to execute the automatic screening of thousands of CV and to find the exact match comparing to the search done by the recruiter. The algorithm includes synonyms, the inflected forms, the typos and it works in multilingual. 

During this phase the system suggests keywords thanks to the semantic analysis, creates a scoring of applicants having the best skills and suggests similar candidates. 

Scoring and Predictive HR Analytics

The algorithm analyses historical data of the CV database and returns previsions able to automate each process and to choose the most efficient solution in the shortest period of time. 

The predictive analysis assigns a value to candidates making a prevision on the ones which are most in line with recruiter’ needs. 

Moreover, it gives the possibility to create a ranking of candidates, ordered on the basis of the recruiter’ needs. 

Analyzing candidates profiles’ assumptions for a defined position, identify which candidates, between the ones which are in the database, are the most qualified for the position. 


The study of words and of the link between each other; it allows to give  meaning to a sentence.  

Automatic learning of a machine based on the study of big data. 

Automatic treatment process of written information or in a natural language inside a CV or a job offer.


Boost the candidate search using the semantic and the keywords’ suggestion to use during the screening phase. 

This tool is able to automatically recognize information contained in CV (for example skills, study, hobbies…).

Our algorithms of artificial intelligence manage to attribute a scoring to candidates even more precisely. 

Thanks to tagging, it is possible to automatically extract informations from CV and compile a form or a DB. 

Automatic matching between the requirements of job offers and candidates' profiles contained in company DB. 

Suggestion of candidates' profiles similar to those which are consulting, for a more efficient screening.

Our AI technology works with any language, facilitating the analysis of any CV.

We specify to recruiters how to make more complete and efficient their job offers, suggesting skills which clarify the offers. 

Throughout the automatic and predictive analysis of a huge amount of data it’s possible to optimize the entire recruitment process.