Posting jobs for free on LinkedIn? Yes you can!

Posting jobs for free on LinkedIn? Yes you can!

LinkedIn is one of the preferred means of recruiters, what is the way to freely publish searchable jobs on this network?

LinkedIn is one of the preferred means of recruiters to advertise open positions and reach out directly to potential candidates. However the costs of publishing a job on this network can be quite high and many companies have to restrict themselves in the number of positions they post there.

But what if you could post jobs for free on LinkedIn?

No, you did not read wrong, it does say FREE, and yes, it is possible. If you are equipped with a recruiting software such as In-recruiting, you will have the possibility of using the Limited Listing option of LinkedIn. How did you not know about it before if it’s really possible? Obviously, it would be because LinkedIn heavily promotes its direct paid postings and it is easy to miss the opportunities to post a job on LinkedIn via an alternative route.


Take note that the use of LinkedIn Limited Listing is possible only if you are using a recruiting software that partners with LinkedIn and has integrated this service. In-recruiting gives you this possibility, along with the free posting on GlassDoor, Indeed and some other 35 job boards. You can ask a for a free trial here.

“Surely, there is a trick”, you will say.

Well, this is no devilry but of course there are some differences from the use of “classic” job posts.

The Job Post enable you to create and later edit your job ad directly inside LinkedIn. Moreover, it will appear in “view jobs” in the dedicated section of your LinkedIn company page, the jobs might even appear directly as suggestions for qualified candidates, the Job Post stays active as long as you do not disable it. By using the Job Post you will have to pay a fee based on a “pay per clic” model, combined with your daily budget setting.

The Limited Listing acts as a job board. It was crafted by LinkedIn with the goal of turning into an “Indeed” kind of system. What it concretely means is that you need to have the job vacancy already created (in your ATS), and then enable the publication in LinkedIn from your software. Hence, it will NOT appear in “view jobs” on your company page, neither will it appear as a suggestion to matching profiles. However, it WILL appear in the candidate search of all the jobs corresponding to their search criteria, exactly in the way in does on any other job board.

If you are beginning to wonder whether your ATS has an integration with LinkedIn (even for the Job Posts) and how you could beneficiate from it, you can have a look at this article explaining you how to connect your ATS to LinkedIn.


“In the end it seems weak compared to the traditional Job Posts.”

The goal of the Limited Listing and of the Job Posts are slightly different. the Job Posts will help you reach out to all the candidates, even the passive ones. The Limited Listing is only destined to active candidates who inexorably search the net everywhere for a next opportunity.

As the Limited Listing does not replace fully the Job Posts (also considering that you won’t have any LinkedIn statistics for these vacancies, though full statistics are probably available in your ATS), you will often have to choose which job to keep as a premium and which to publish for free.

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How can you choose between premium or free publication?

It will mostly depend on how much visibility you need, based on the war for talent for a specific position, the competition in the location you are at, your industry, the level of the job (is it a strategic role, or one for an intern?), and so on. In such cases when you need to reach a wide audience and have a high visibility, a paid Job Post will often be the best option.

Note that, in both cases, when candidates click on an offer, they will see all the details displayed in the same way. LinkedIn also does an automatic de-duplication of the ads: in the case a vacancy would be published in a premium and free way, LinkedIn will keep only one occurrence of the job.



In-recruiting also gives you a specific link to redirect all your candidates from LinkedIn (Job Posts and Job Listing) to the ATS in order to centralise all the applications. Try it for free!


“So, from the candidates’ perspective…”

Say I’m a candidate. If I am not looking for a job and therefore do not use the job search tab of LinkedIn, I will never see your freely posted jobs, I will eventually see the suggestion of a premium job (from a Job Post) on the right of my feed. If I am looking for a new position, I will eventually go into the job search section. After filing in a few criteria, the results will be displayed, first the premium positions from the Job Posts and then the vacancies from the Limited Listing, without me noticing the difference between the two. If I want to investigate your company and go on your LinkedIn page, the said vacancies won’t show, but if I go to your corporate website to browse more on your culture and values, I might end up on your career page, where, logically, all the open positions will show, I am now reassured, the LinkedIn ad is not a dead one, it is also present directly on your website. The “active candidate”’s journey will therefore remain mostly the same.

LinkedIn job posting

To make it short

To use the Limited Listing options you need:

  • An ATS integrated with LinkedIn (yours is not and it annoys you? you can always check In-recruiting).

  • A new job ad (you can usually parameter your ATS to publish everything automatically on Limited Listings, unless you want to publish only some of the vacancies).

  • A company page on LinkedIn.

  • Your company ID on LinkedIn (from your admin view, it is the number directly after :

  • A precise location for the job (but it is usually mandatory for most job boards).

  • At least 100 words to describe all the elements of the job.

  • No previous publication of this ad as a premium job.


Of course, as the job must exist somewhere else than on this job board option of LinkedIn, it is always possible for you to advertise the job by posting it in your company feed, or sharing it with your recruiter profile thanks to a link, in your feed or in specific groups to reach the most diverse audience possible (contacts or industry professionals).

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With In-recruiting you can share the vacancy directly in your profile from the software, which will save you some time. To try our recruiting software, ask for a free trial or a demo.


I am a recruiting agency and I need to manage different clients, can I do that?

The answer is yes! Thanks to the company ID, you can post the jobs in your client’s name. Check with your ATS the technical details for such an operation but it should be possible for every software having an integration with this Limited Listing service.