INtelligent Data Analysis

Inda is the artificial intelligence technology (AI) that automates the repetitive recruiter and HR's activities by improving the search for candidates and optimizing the entire recruiting and talent acquisition process in which they are involved.

Inda intelligenza artificiale HR

Main Features

Information extraction

Information extraction allows you to extract the unstructured or semi-structured information contained in a CV (with any layout). Upon uploading the CV by the candidate, it pulls out the information contained inside it and implements an auto-completion of the application form.

Semantic search 

Semantic search supports you to enhance your search with the suggestion of keywords to be used in CV screening. The algorithm also recognises any spelling errors inside the CVs to suggest recruiter all candidates in line with the research carried out.


The algorithm classifies the candidates' profiles according to a score (scoring) based on the research carried out by the recruiter.

Semantic matching 

The algorithm recognizes the look-alike candidate's profiles and recommends them to the recruiter. Every talent is taken into consideration.