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Inrecruiting is the next generation Applicant Tracking System, an HR software designed to help recruiters find and manage talent, in less time. Inrecruiting is available in 12 languages ​​and compatible with any third-party software via API

In-recruiting Application Tracking System

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Multinationals, SMEs, Headhunters and Staffing Agencies.

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Inrecruiting is the most powerful platform for the staff search and selection

Step 1

Create your career page

Easily build a career page that tells your company, your values, your selection process, conveys your employer brand and attracts a constant flow of candidates. Even without technical skills, you can create a career page with up-to-date application forms for each open position. The career page will be mobile-friendly, fully customisable in content and graphically reflect the look and feel of your company website.


  • Drag & Drop editor
  • Mobile friendly
  • Job listing
  • Customisable
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Step 2

Publish job ads

Post your job advertisements on your company website, on the main Job boards and on social media. You can create an ad, publish it with a single click on the most important job portals (free and paid) and receive/manage all applications within Inrecruiting.


  • Free Job board
  • Paid Job board
  • LinkedIn Basic Jobs
  • Social recruiting
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Step 3

Candidate screening

With Inrecruiting you create and manage your own unique candidate database with the information you need for your process. To speed up screening and simplify the identification of the best candidates, you will have several search systems at your disposal (simple, advanced and Boolean) and the possibility to use semantic search as well. You will be able to search for keywords or synonyms in CV file texts, database fields, and colleagues' comments and, for each open position and selection in progress, the system will propose a ranking of candidates to evaluate for the next steps.


  • CV Database
  • Simple, advanced, Boolean search
  • Semantic search (AI)
  • Questionnaires
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Step 4

Choose the right candidate

Centrally manage the entire candidate assessment phase, from scheduling the interview (even via video conference) to the final choice. Automate interview planning by sending a link to the candidate to let him/her choose the slot they prefer and improve collaboration with colleagues by synchronising the Google or Microsoft calendar. You can then evaluate candidates in a structured way (thanks to configurable evaluation forms) and provide them with timely feedback using automatic messages with customisable templates.


  • Scheduling of interviews and video interviews
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Evaluation forms
  • Automatic feedback
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Step 5

Make data-driven decisions

Check the effectiveness of your selection processes. Track activities and monitor key recruiting KPIs and metrics in real time. No more searching for information in emails or Excel files: simply log into Inrecruiting to find data, consult statistics on Time to Fill, Time to Hire, CV Database Composition, Candidate Referral Channels and produce reports to make data-driven decisions.


  • Report processing
  • Time to Hire
  • Time to fill
  • Candidate sourcing channels
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Third party integration

Inrecruiting integrates easily with a wide range of third-party apps and software via API. To meet the professional needs of all our customers (companies, Employment Agencies, Recruitment and Selection Companies and Public Administration), we have created and included in our marketplace solutions and tools that help people work in a more streamlined way by automatically exchanging data between different systems. In addition to the integration with Zucchetti HR, Inrecruiting easily connects with the tools most used by HR professionals: from the best-known tools of the Microsoft (Outlook and Teams) and Google (Gmail and Meet) suites, to the numerous job boards and job portals, HRMS, assessment solutions, HR management software, video interview and email management systems, social networks, etc. As of this year, Inrecruiting is also an AgID-registered aggregator and provides an authentication service via SPID.

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Choose the Inrecruiting version that best suits you:

Solution designed for Companies, Headhunters or Staffing agencies.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) developed to give companies a complete and centralised management of all their recruitment processes.


A Staffing Software developed to support the Employment and staffing agencies to quickly find the best candidates and manage their clients and orders.

Staffing agencies

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We constantly update the safety standards of our ATS to face the new computer threats and guarantee you the maximum safety of use.

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Our experts are ready to answer your questions and requests, providing you with complete assistance. Contact us in the way you prefer: email, chat or phone.

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Inrecruiting is integrated with a variety of solutions from third parties, premium job boards, video-interview platforms and employee management softwares.

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Our Software is GDPR compliant and helps you to manage the requirements of the new European regulation about Privacy.

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